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Sony CP-V6/B 6100 mAh Portable Power Bank Black

6100 mAh
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Sony CP-V6/B 6100 mAh Portable Power Bank Black
The Fast Charger, The Sony CP-V6


-Offering a carrying capacity of 6100 mAh, the mobile power bank can give a full charge to most mobile devices and equipment. It can also be used with most of the prevalent brands in the market, this giving off trouble free service quality-  recharge after recharge. 

-Capable of giving 2.5 times the full charging capacity of most gadgets, this portable power bank is ideal for travelling and out of house use. 

-Compatible with most USB devices, the micro USB cord provided with the main unit can be used to dock with most devices, thereby allowing the user many options to choose from.

-Use of the 'Hybrid Gel' technology ensures a recharge cycle of at least a thousand times, thus making the Portable power bank truly enduring.

-With an output that can reach 1.5 Ampere, this power bank gives as good a charge as a power outlet, thus ensuring shorter charge times as well as an overall healthy condition of the batteries being charged. 

-The provision of four LED indicators allow the user to monitor the state of the storage medium. They indicate not just the charge, but also the state of discharge of the bank. 

-Weighing in at just 126 grams and flaunting a thickness of 1.34 cm, the portable bank can be easily accommodated in the tiniest of spaces, making it truly convenient for frequent travellers.

-A standard manufacturer warranty applies to the product and the accompanying accessories from the date of purchase. 


-It is strongly recommended that the power bank is not recharged while in use. This may cause overheating of the device. 


Never to compromise on performance, this Sony product too, is no different. With high performance criteria for this Sony power bank, there are not many in the competition that can come close to its performance. A large carrying capacity coupled with short charging times would make any customer happy. 

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Good performer
Overall great performance, very good built quality and it charges your mobile very quickly. Very sleek and slim design. 4 Stage battery level indicator LED light is also there. One AC adapter is also provided with it. Powerful battery backup and comes with 1 year warranty.
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very good
really awesome!
nice product
Product Details

The Sony CP-V6/B6100 mAh Portable Power Bank Black, has the storage capacity of 6100mAh that can, on an average, give 2.5 times the full charge of most mobile smartphones.  Designed to be compatible with Sony brand of smartphones and cameras, this Sony Power Bank, can also be seamlessly integrated with most other popular brands of devices and gadgets.  Its Lithium-ion substrate undergoes very little fades in carrying capacity with use; ensuring up to 1000 charges and recharge cycles at the very least.  With the ability to deliver up to a maximum of 1.5 Amperes of charge current, it charges mobile devices at nearly the same rate as a power outlet would.  

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Contains Sony-Manufactured Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
6100 mAh
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