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Sony CP-V5 5000 mAh Power Bank

5000 mAh
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Sony CP-V5 5000 mAh Power Bank
Smart Storage Solution, the Sony 5000 mAh Power Bank


- This Sony power bank works seamlessly with the Xperia, Walkman, Handycam,  Cybershot and other high end gadgets belonging to multiple brands.

- Slim enough to slip into the tiniest of spaces, the power bank can be used as a portable charger for charging smart phones, cameras, tablets, and eBooks on the go.

- It can be conveniently charged with a portable AC adaptor, or the USB ports of computers and laptops, thereby giving off enhanced adaptability benefits to all users.

- Here, a full charge is possible in seven hours with the AC adaptor, and up to 12 hours with its USB cord.

-The power bank from Sony can be used for supplying non-stop power for up to twelve hours, with a maximum discharge current of 1.5 Amperes.

- Capable of operating at temperatures of up to 35 degrees Centigrade, this portable power bank can be used for most indoor utility purposes.

- This high-performing device has the ability of going through 1000 cycles of charging and discharging, even while retaining a charge capacity of more than 90% .

- Thanks to the hybrid-gel used in its battery, this power bank prevents gas emissions during charging/discharging, thereby increasing the life of the charger.

- Its large charging capacity of 5000 mAh ensures that the juice in user devices rarely runs out after a full charge. 


- Only a single device can be attached at a time.  


In term of high power storage capacity, there are very few gadgets that can match this 5000 mAh, cost-effective power bank.  Additionally, the slim profile and light weight of the Sony power bank makes it easy to stow away.  Definitely a bargain at its price range, and because of the convenience it provides. 

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5000 mAh
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