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Sony CP-V10A 10000 mAh Power Bank Black

LED Indicator:
10000 mAh
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Sony CP-V10A 10000 mAh Power Bank Black
Power Backup on the Go is Assured with the Powerbank from Sony


- Endowed with a sleek and stylish design, this mobile power bank from Sony is compact and lightweight making it convenient to carry it around.

- The 10000 mAH Li-Po battery can hold a large amount of charge which lasts long and can be used for charging your devices many times.

- Fitted with a USB port, this Sony power bank is compatible with most devices. So, you can use this to charge your smartphones, digital cameras, iPods, handy cameras, etc.

- Working on a Hybrid Gel technology, the power bank can be charged up to 90% of its capacity, which is enough charge to last for a long time.

- The hybrid gel improves the connection between the cathode and anode points, which makes for quicker charging.

- This 10000 mAH power bank is long lasting and durable, thanks to the hybrid gel that keeps gas generation under check during the charging and discharging cycles.


- To charge it fully, you need to plug in this power bank for as long as 8 hours.


Easy to carry around, this Sony power bank is a perfect companion for people who cannot afford to be stranded with a drained out device battery. Quick charging feature, long-term retention of the charge and durability are the added advantages of this power bank. Compatibility with all devices makes it an excellent choice. However, the charging time of power bank is 8 hours which is quite a lot of time.

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Product Details
With the 10000mAH Sony power bank, you would never again have to  be concerned about your device battery draining out. Lightweight and compact, carry it around wherever you go. Being compatible with most devices, you can use it charge iPods, smartphones, handy cams and what not. Working on a Hybrid Gel technology, this mobile power bank can hold a lot of charge and that too for a long period. What's more, thanks to the hybrid gel, the connection between cathode and anode is tight, which quickens the charging process.
Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
LED Indicator
10000 mAh
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