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Singer Liberty Senior 34 Litres Desert Air Cooler

34 Litres
Body Material:
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Singer Liberty Senior 34 Litres Desert Air Cooler
Singer Liberty Desert Air Cooler for Hot Summers


- Manufactured using high-quality ABS plastic, the cooler body of the Singer Air Cooler guarantees durability and longer shelf life even after prolonged use.

- It has 34 litre capacity that chills homes and offices for longer durations.

- Sleek and compact, it is designed in a way that does not require much space in the room.

- It features castor wheels, which make it portable. These wheels ease the movement of the desert air cooler from one room to another without putting much effort. 

- The 4D technology employed by Singer in its air cooler ensures that fresh and healthy air is circulated in every corner of the room; evenly.

- The Singer Air Cooler has a powerful air delivery of 1600 cubic m/hr that helps in the efficient cooling of houses and offices alike. With a cooling capacity of 300 sq. feet area, it is capable of cooling large sized rooms and apartments easily.

- This water air cooler uses honeycomb pads as an effective cooling medium to provide cool breeze for imparting more comfort and relaxation.

- It is equipped with a stylish front that has horizontal louvers moving automatically.

- This desert cooler is equipped with a water level indicator that informs users when the water is low and a re-filling of the tank is necessary.

- Capable of working with an inverter, it performs well during power failures too.

- It requires 230 V-50 Hz power supply and has a cooling capacity of 160 watts.


- This desert cooler functions well only in dry season with low humidity. Homes in highly populated and coastal regions are less aided by this home appliance.


Compact and sleek in design, the Liberty 34 Litres Desert Air Cooler combats heat and humidity to perfection. It does not require much space for its installation and can be moved in different rooms easily. With 34 litre capacity, 4D technology, low power consumption, and cooling capacity of 300 sq.ft; it is a must-have appliance for summers.


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Product Details

The Singer Liberty 34 Litres Desert Air Cooler helps combat heat and humidity and keeps users at ease during hot summer days. It boasts of a sleek and attractive design made from re-engineered ABS plastic that ensures high durability for the body. With capacity of 34 litres, it is capable of chilling homes and offices without taking much place. Equipped with castor wheels, it can be moved from one room to another with ease. Featuring 4D technology, it circulates cool breeze uniformly in the entire room. It offers air delivery up to 166 cubic m/hr and is ideal for mid-sized apartments. 

34 Litres
Body Material
Additional Features
Air Throw Distance : Air Delivery Upto 1600 Cubic m/hr
Desert Cooler
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