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Singer Atlantic Mini Personal 20 L Air Cooler White

20 Ltr
Motor Speed:
Body Material:
ABS Body
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Singer Atlantic Mini Personal 20 L Air Cooler White
Singer Atlantic Mini Air cooler - An Effective Cooling Option for Compact areas


- This mini air cooler has a 20 litre capacity water tank that is sufficient to cool a 150 to 180 sq feet area. It has an air delivery rate of up to 1200 cubic m/hr

- For enhanced cooling, this water air cooler has an ice chamber as well.

- With 4-way air deflection, this Singer air cooler distributes air uniformly across the entire room, to create a pleasant ambience.

- This water air cooler comes with honeycomb cooling pads to deliver optimal cooling.

- Thanks to 3 speed settings, this water air cooler allows you to control the cooling to suit your comfort level.

- With just 130 watts power consumption, this mini air cooler will not inflate your power bills. 

- Inverter compatible, this mini air cooler will continue to function efficiently in lieu of a power failure. 

- For continuous air flow, this mini air cooler sports horizontal louvers and motorized vertical louvers.

- For easy cleaning, this water air cooler comes with a drain plug.


-  This water air cooler does not include a remote control.

- This water cooler might not be the ideal choice for humid areas as it increases the air humidity level.

This Singer mini air cooler is ideal for use in compact spaces. Consuming just 130 watts power, it is also easy on the pocket. Overall, a good buy for people who stay in areas that have dry weather condition.

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Product Details
Designed for a small bedroom or office cabin, the Singer Air cooler provides efficient cooling. It comes with a capacious 20 liter water tank and a water level indicator for convenience. Loaded with useful features such as 4-way air deflection, 3 speed settings, inverter compatibility and motorized vertical louvers, this mini air cooler truly packs a punch. A 5 inch fan and honeycomb cooling pads deliver efficient cooling across the room. For easy transfer between rooms, this water air cooler is fitted with caster wheels.
20 Ltr
Cooling Area
1200 Cubic m/hr.
Motor Speed
Body Material
ABS Body
Atlantic Mini personal
Air Cooler
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