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SanDisk SD HC 16 GB 48 MB/s Class 10 Ultra Memory Card

Memory size:
16 GB
Card Class:
Class 10
48 MB/s Read Speed
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SanDisk SD HC 16 GB 48 MB/s Class 10 Ultra Memory Card
More Storage Space with the Sandisk 16 GB Memory Card

- Compatible with most smartphones, digital cameras and other devices that support SDHC cards, this is a perfect choice for enhancing the memory space for most gadgets. 

- The 16 GB storage space can be used to store huge media files and graphic rich apps, thus freeing the internal memory of the RAM which in turn will improve the speed and performance of the device. 

- With a reading speed of 48 MB/s and writing speed of 20.3 MB/s, transferring data to and from this Class 10 memory card is quick and does not take much time. 

- Shooting and storing HD resolution images and videos is possible with this memory card. 

- This Sandisk memory card has been tested under the fiercest of conditions. It is water proof, shock proof, X-ray proof, vibration proof and temperature proof which means no matter what the climatic or the environmental conditions to which your card is exposed, the data stored on it would be completely safe. 


- In comparison to the reading speed of 48 MB/s, the writing speed of 20.3 MB/s seems to be on the lower side. 


This 16 GB memory card from Sandisk is an ideal choice for all smartphones and digital cameras, given that it is compatible with most devices. The memory space can be used to shoot HD images and videos and to store huge files and apps. With features like impressive transfer speed and complete safety of data, this surely makes for a good deal. Though the writing speed is a bit low when compared to the reading speed, this does not seem to be a major drawback. 

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Keeps your data safe
I have used this card for 2 months and experienced that very good writing and reading Speed. Performance of this card is really awesome. SanDisk data transfer speed is great. Working very smoothly. You can keep your data intact in this. Overall a Good and colorful micro SDHC.
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Product Details
Upgrade the internal memory of your devices using the 16 GB memory card from Sandisk. This memory card is compatible with most of the devices that support SDHC cards, making it an ideal choice for all. With a reading speed of 48MB/s and a writing speed of 20.3MB/s, quick transferring of data is possible. 16GB storage space can be used to store huge media files and heavy apps. This Sandisk memory card can be used to shoot fully HD videos and images. Being waterproof, temperature proof, X-ray proof, shock proof and vibration proof, complete safety of stored data is guaranteed.
Model ID
Memory size
16 GB
Card Class
Class 10
48 MB/s Read Speed
14.99x10.92x1.02 mm
Additional Features
Other Features
Full HD Video Recording, Water Proof, Temperature Proof, X-Ray Proof, Shock Proof Card
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