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Sandisk MicroSD HC 8 GB Class 10 Memory Card

Memory size:
8 GB
Card Class:
Class 10
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Sandisk MicroSD HC 8 GB Class 10 Memory Card
A Powerful Memory Card for your Data Storage


-This 8GB Memory Card goes a long way in increasing the storage space on tablets, laptops, smart phones, cameras, and other devices that support the flash card to perfection.

-Easy to use, the Sandisk Memory Card allows for easy insertion into the memory card slot of the users device. Once set properly, it gives ample opportunities of storing videos, documents, images, and other types of digital data, easily, securely, and without adding any clutter to the device.

-This high-performance MicroSDHC Card is compatible with most brands of digital cameras, smart phones, and e-book readers.

-The Class 10 Memory Card is available with an SD adapter that makes it easy for users to move their valuable data to other SD-compatible devices like computers and digital cameras.

-This Sandisk memory card also features a robust design that is capable of withstanding the toughest conditions. Shockproof, waterproof, as well as X-ray proof, it promises to survive even if the users smart phones give up.

- It has the ability of functioning to its optimum levels in temperatures ranging from -25 to 85 degrees Celsius. This feature helps in keeping user data safe in extreme weather conditions.

-With faster transfer speed of up to 48MB/S to its credit, this memory card supports high-quality FULL HD video recording too. It has easy-to-view features and allows users to manage all digital files from their compatible devices.


-May overheat during large size file transfers.


The 8GB Memory Card, aptly compatible with all tablets, Android based smart phones, and other devices, is credited with a Class 10 speed rating, and a transfer speed of up to 48 MB/s. A good buy for keeping all kinds of data secure, this memory card has a water proof, X-Ray proof, temperature proof, and shock proof industry design. 

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Product Details

The Sandisk MicroSDHC 8 GB Class 10, boasting of a data storage capacity of 8 GB, is an efficient Class 10 Ultra memory card for photographers, music lovers, students, corporate, and all others. Featuring a 5 years warranty, it supports the SD System Specification, Version 2.0, with dexterity. This memory card also offers the high security measures of SDMI Standard, and helps users get rid of their data storage concerns. With ample space for music, videos, pictures and data, the memory card is useful for expanding the storage capacity of smart phones, digital cameras, and all other compatible devices. 

Model ID
Memory size
8 GB
Card Class
Class 10
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