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SanDisk MicroSD 8 GB 30 MB/s Class 6 Ultra Memory Card

Memory size:
8 GB
Card Class:
Class 6
30 MB/s Read Speed
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SanDisk MicroSD 8 GB 30 MB/s Class 6 Ultra Memory Card
Sandisk MicroSd 8GB 30MB/s Class 6 Ultra- The Solution to your Storage Needs!


 - The 8GB Sandisk memory will keep your data safe even in the most adverse of conditions. It is extremely durable and can withstand temperatures ranging from -13 Degree to 185 Degree F. It can function normally even after exposure to X-rays. It is also shock-resistant and water- resistant, which gives durability.

- It comes with an SD Memory adapter so you can use this card with any device that has an SD card slot.

- This 8GB Class 6 memory card provides fast photo capture and data transfer.

- It comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty, and lifetime limited warranty.

- It is cost effective and pocket friendly, and you don't need to buy an expensive smart phone with increased memory.

- There is a blank writeable space on the front of the card, making it easy to identify different cards, so your memory cards don't get mixed up.

- It comes with a jewel case, making it easy to store the memory card, and also to protect it.

- Prices reasonably, it is good value for money


 - This 8GB memory card is not very fast and low speed could be a problem, at times.

- Consumers with HTC phones may face a problem.

- For storing high-resolution videos and images you may need a upgraded class and upgraded storage capacity memory card.


The Sandisk is a brand that has become synonymous with reliability. The Sandisk Ultra SDHC 8GB Class 6 memory card is a must-buy for those who need a moderate speed data transfer and storage device, at a pocket friendly price. It is designed for small and compact devices and will expand the data storage capacity of your device noticeably. It is good value for money and is a recommended buy for your storage needs.

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Product Details

The Sandisk Ultra SDHC 8GB 30 MB/s Class 6 memory card is a solution to all your storage needs. The Sandisk 8GB memory card has a minimum write speed of 6MB/s and a maximum read speed of 30 MB/s. It has a transfer speed of 30 MB/s that allows you to transfer data without any hassles. This MicroSD memory card allows you to easily create back up of all your data. With the data storage capacity of 8 GB, this Class 6 Memory Card is compatible to use with smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras for added storage space .

Memory size
8 GB
Card Class
Class 6
30 MB/s Read Speed
Additional Features
Other Features
Full HD Video Recording, Water Proof, Temperature Proof, X-Ray Proof, Shock Proof
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