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SanDisk MicroSD 32 GB Class 4 Memory Card

Memory size:
32 GB
Card Class:
Class 4
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SanDisk MicroSD 32 GB Class 4 Memory Card
Easily Organize and Store Your Important Documents in this SanDisk Memory Card


- This 32GB memory card boasts a transfer speed of 90 Mbps that ensures incredibly fast transfer of your files.

- The SanDisk Memory Card gives you a lot of storage space for your important documents and media files. With this memory card you can assess your favourite media file whenever you want.

- You can use this MicroSD memory card with a number of devices. Whether you are looking to expand the storage capacity of your smartphone or tablet, this Class 4 memory card can be used anywhere.

- The 32GB Memory Card is designed for high endurance and has been tested in extreme temperature conditions.

- This memory card is temperature proof, water proof, and shock proof.

- This X-Ray proof memory card lets your important files and documents safe from damage of X-Ray machines at airports.

- With this memory card, you enjoy a 5 years limited warranty.


- If you are using a smartphone which records full HD videos then you may want to look for a higher class memory card, because it may not support higher resolutions. However, if you are recording video on lower resolution like 1280p x 720 pixels, then it is perfect for use.

- If you do not store a lot of files in your memory card, you may want to choose a card with less storage space to be more cost effective.


The SanDisk MicroSD 32 GB Class 4 incroporates an impressive reading, writing, and transfer speed. You can store a number of files and documents in this memory card. This MicroSD Memory Card provides 32 GB storage space that is perfect for users who tend to use a lot of storage space. Whether you are using it on your camera or smartphone, with this much of space, you will never have to think about changing memory card over and over again and organizing and importing your files.

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Superb product at superb price
For Memory Card SanDisk is best, total memory space available is 14.89 GB which is quite good. It comes with 5 years warranty as well. Writing speed is approx. 6-7 Mbps which is nice. Never faced any problem with it! Nice product!!!
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Product Details

The SanDisk MicroSD 32 GB Class 4 provides an extra storage space in your smartphone or tablet to save your essential documents and media files. It lets you expand the memory of your device, whether it is your digital camera, smartphone, mobile phone, or tablet. It is a class 4 memory card with the transfer speed of 90 Mbps that saves time. The 32GB Memory Card allows you to store thousands of images, music files, and videos to keep your memories treasured. It can work efficiently in the temperature range of -25 degree to 85 degree Celsius. This MicroSD Memory Card is designed and tested to use in extremely rough weather conditions.

Memory size
32 GB
Card Class
Class 4
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