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Sandisk MicroSD 16 GB Class 10 Ultra Memory Card

Memory size:
16 GB
Card Class:
Class 10
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Sandisk MicroSD 16 GB Class 10 Ultra Memory Card
Store Data the Safe Way


-Manufactured with Class 10 configuration, this memory card can read data with speeds of up to 48 MB/s.  It can also handle HD videos with ease.

-As it is able to withstand extreme temperature conditions, the card can be operated in all kinds of demanding conditions.

-This class 10 memory card can be used in high security areas like airports as it withstands X ray radiations easily.

-The card can be used with an accompanying adaptor in laptops and high end cameras too.

-This product comes from Sandisk, a very popular brand, and is available on most online retail platforms.

-The data on the disk can be backed up with Sandisk's proprietary software.

-Sandisk also has a disk recovery software that protects the data stored on the memory card at all times.

-It is available with a 7 year comprehensive warranty that covers most eventualities.


-There have been reported instances of incompatibility, even with Android smartphones. 

-The data stored on the memory disk may get corrupted when stored for long periods of time.


With the warranty of Sandisk and the service backup of the company in place, the 16 GB memory card is truly a useful product.  It has class 10 data transfer speeds on offer, and is  a good buy for people looking for a reliable and secure storage device for their valuable files.

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Product Details

Boasting of read speeds of up to 48 MB/s, the Sandisk MicroSD 16 GB Class 10 Ultra can store up to 16 GB of data easily. Supported by Android smartphones without any glitch, this MicroSD memory card can be used for backing up data and serving as a primary source of information. The memory card is designed to withstand extreme operating temperature conditions, thereby allowing users with more versatility and usage metrics. With a Class 10 rating, this 16 GB memory card can support HD formats of video files.   The Sandisk memory card is available with a 7 year warranty.

Model ID
Memory size
16 GB
Card Class
Class 10
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