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Sandisk Extreme SD HC 32 GB UHS Class 3 Memory Card

Extreme SDHC
Memory size:
32 GB
Card Class:
Class 3
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Sandisk Extreme SD HC 32 GB UHS Class 3 Memory Card
Sandisk, a Memory Card Beyond Compare


-Boasting of the UHS Class 3 accreditation, this data card can handle large HD video files with ease, and can store up to 32 GB of valuable user data.

-Able to operate under extreme temperature conditions without giving off any time-lags or data transfer issues, the card is truly tough and can be used practically anywhere.

-This SDHC memory card is impervious to X-rays. Therefore, it can be used in high security environments like airports, without any problem.

- This device is available with a compact jewel case exterior cover that makes data-storing, and archiving of same, an easy and convenient affair.

-With its large-sized storage capacity, this memory card makes it possible for users to store their files without having to break them up.

- Available at all major stores and on most online platforms, this Sandisk Memory Card is a good travel companion too.

-Its RescuePro software is very effective in preventing any loss or corruption of the data stored on this memory card. Any accidentally damaged files can be readily accessed and retrieved with the help of this software application.

-It is provided with the standard ten year manufacturer warranty. 


-There have been reported cases of some Android smartphones not being able to access the data stored on this high capacity memory card. 


This 32 GB Memory card is backed by the Sandisk brand, and is truly large in its storage capacity.  With high read speed capabilities, this Sandisk model makes it possible for users to store big data files on the disk without any concerns of losing the same. It works well in extreme operating conditions, and offers smooth user experiences at all times.

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Product Details

The Sandisk Extreme SDHC 32GB UHS Class 3 memory card is capable of reading data at an high speed of 60 MB/s. It can store 32 GB of data easily.  With a UHS Class 3 rating, this 32 GB memory card can support large HD format video files too.  By using the Sandisk app, the entire data on any gadget can be backed up onto this SDHC card easily.  Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures easily, this disk is very versatile. All accidentally deleted / damaged files can be restored with the help of its powerful RescuePro software.


Model ID
Extreme SDHC
Memory size
32 GB
Card Class
Class 3
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