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Samsung MX-HS7000 Giga Sound System

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
Satellite Speakers:
575 Watts
Power Output (RMS):
2300 W
575 Watts
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Samsung MX-HS7000 Giga Sound System
Excellent sound reproduction with the Samsung MX-HS7000 Giga Sound System


- This Samsung sound system delivers superior quality sound from its 12 inch Subwoofers. 

- With 2300 watts of power, this system can take sound to the next level.

- Using crystal amp plus, it filters out noise and distortion; users can turn their houses into an audio studio with high-quality sound clarity.

- With the DJ beat effect, users can become their own DJ. Using dial jog dials, users can easily control all the sounds to bring the atmosphere and effects of a real club to the party.

- With lights that pulse and flow to the beats of music, this bluetooth sound system adds to the ambience of any party. With 25 different lighting patterns to choose from, users can change the lights to the mood of the song.

- Users can conveniently connect and switch on the Samsung sound system with bluetooth. They can stream music from their portable bluetooth devices.

- Users can minimise the clutter of wire by wirelessly connecting this DJ sound system to the TV via TV SoundConnect.

- It features LED lighting that actually visualizes the sound vividly through the LED Flash Speaker and Volume. Users can watch their system glow as it plays incredible audio.

- It comes with a handy wired fully functional remote control that has all sound features for optimum utilization.

- Users can get complete access to all the stored files from any USB memory drive or external hard drive via USB.


- The wireless technology interferes with music signals which decreases the quality of the sound you ultimately hear through the subwoofers. 


The Samsung MX-HS7000 Giga Sound System is a high-cost and premium sound system. With enhanced sound reproduction, 12 inches subwoofers, crystal amp plus, DJ beat effect and LED display it makes a good buy for music lovers and gamers.

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Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Timer, Clock, Sleep, Demo; Radio Rec Timer; Giga Sound; Subwoofer LED Speaker
Satellite Speakers
575 Watts
Power Output (RMS)
2300 W
575 Watts
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