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Samsung MX-HS6500 Mini HiFi Speaker System

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
Satellite Speakers:
2 Satellite Speaker
Power Output (RMS):
2100 W RMS
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Samsung MX-HS6500 Mini HiFi Speaker System
Mini Sound System for Your Home from Samsung


- The Samsung Speaker delivers rich and crisp sound from 362 x 662 x 331 mm front speaker, 772 x 438 x 736 mm side speakers and LED subwoofers.

- Weighing 15.4Kgs, this 233 x 351 x 300 mm speaker system is equipped with numerous audio features including football mode, CD program, MP3 enhancer, user EQ, virtual sound, Genre EQ and crystal amplifier plus producing crystal-clear clarity and superior quality sound.

- Loaded with in-built FM radio, users can tune into their favorite RJ program with digital sound quality.

- The Samsung Speaker comes with a handy wired fully functional remote control that has all sound features for optimum utilization.

- The control panel comes with tray deck, grill speakers, timer, dimmer/display key, clock, record radio timer, LED flash volume, auto change, search and delete file/folder options that make the mechanical operation on the speakers user-friendly.

- This Bluetooth Speaker can be connected to a wide array of devices including tablets, smartphones, music players, etc and supports SD memory cards and USB pen drives.

- It's quick set-up capability makes the audio speaker easy to install and connect it to your TV.

- Regarding connectivity, it is compatible with Bluetooth, Bluetooth HI-FI Codec, TV Sound Connect, USB and Aux.

- Elegant and stylish, this Bluetooth speaker comes with subwoofer LED speaker making the user's room splendid in look.

- It is backed by 1-year manufacturer warranty.


- Sometimes, it is harder to control volume and change it according to the music played.

- It is a bit heavy that restricts portability.


The Samsung MX-HS6500 Mini HiFi System is a high-end speaker with classy looks and in-built FM radio. With enhanced sound reproduction, numerous audio features, and excellent woofers, it makes a good buy for music lovers for enhanced listening experience.

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Product Details

The Samsung MX-HS6500 Mini HiFi Speaker System offers concert experience and sensational sound effect. It comes with football mode, CD program, MP3 enhancer, user EQ, virtual sound, Genre EQ, and crystal amplifier plus that delivers rich, crystal clear sound, and music effects. Equipped with remote control for convenient sound adjustment, it is compatible with, smartphones, TV, laptops, etc. Featuring easy installation, karaoke, USB support, FM Radio, it consumes 140watts power. The Hi Fi System is bluetooth compatible and is available with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Satellite Speakers
2 Satellite Speaker
Power Output (RMS)
2100 W RMS
Audio Input Output
USB, 3.5 mm Jack
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