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Samsung MicroSD HC 4 GB 24 MB/s Class 6 Memory Card

Memory size:
4 GB
Card Class:
Class 6
24 MB/s Read Speed
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Samsung MicroSD HC 4 GB 24 MB/s Class 6 Memory Card
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-The 3 proof technology makes the 4GB memory card much more durable. It is water, shock and static proof.

-It comes with a read speed of 24MBps and a write speed of 7MBps. Transferring data has never been this fast or easy.

-This MicroSDHC card is can also be accessed using a SD slot through an SD adapter giving it another layer of accessibility.

-The card comes with a warranty of 5 years which is rather excellent.

-There have been a few complaints regarding the formatting of the 4 GB MicroSDHC card. Though the card provides a warranty of 5 years, it has been observed that a few of the customers have faced certain problems. After formatting, while the card is refreshed within the PC or laptop, all the previous data comes back.

Considering the overall features and pros and cons, the Samsung 4GB Memory Card is ideal for photographers, camera operators or even people who work exclusively with tech. With incredibly fast read and write speeds, you will be able to transfer files to and from the device in astonishing speed. If you are looking for a memory card that is durable and reliable then look no further than the Samsung MicroSDHC 4 GB 24 MB/s Class 6.
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Product Details

It cannot be denied that Samsung is a pioneer when it comes to developing electronic gadgets and accessories. The Samsung 4GB memory card is specifically designed to help you with saving and backing up all your valuable files. Being one of the most trusted companies out there, Samsung has been among the top five electronic products and accessories developers for a long, long time. This class 6 memory card keeps all your files and documents safe and sound with water, shock and static proof technologies.

Model ID
Memory size
4 GB
Card Class
Class 6
24 MB/s Read Speed
15x11x1 mm
Additional Features
Other Features
Water-proof, Magnetic-proof, X-ray Proof, Temperature-proof
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