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Samsung MicroSD HC 32 GB 24 MB/s Class 6 Memory Card

Memory size:
32 GB
Card Class:
Class 6
24 MB/s Read Speed
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Samsung MicroSD HC 32 GB 24 MB/s Class 6 Memory Card
Ample Space for all your Memories


- The Samsung memory card provides an ample storage space of 32GB. The space is enough for all your heavy storage needs, be it HD movies or a high end game, this 32GB memory card can accommodate all.

- Being compatible with an array of devices, you can use it with all your devices like smartphones, tablets, or media players. You can also connect this Samsung memory card with your DSLR camera by using it with an adapter.

- Supporting a transfer speed of 24MB/s, the memory card is capable of transferring large files within seconds.

- Samsung has designed it in such a way that it is quite durable against water, X-Rays, and magnetic waves. So you can be rest assured, your data will remain safe always.


- Though the transfer speeds are good with class 6 technology, class 10 memory cards are becoming an industry standard that offers much higher reading and writing speeds.


Sporting fast transfer speeds, this memory card is perfect for use with your smartphone. You can record high quality full HD videos without compromising on the bitrate at all. Moreover, the Samsung memory card comes with a huge storage space of 32GB. At such a modest price with all these brilliant fetaures, this memory card is a real steal.


The SanDisk Ultra microSDHC 32GB memory card can perfectly replace this Samsung memory card. The SanDisk memory card uses UHS-I and class 10 technologies to offer much faster transfer speeds of about 48MB/s. Coming with so many amazing features, the memory card also comes with a 10-year warranty.

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Really amazing storage card
Outstanding memory card that provides you enough of storage and high speed transfer rate. Reading speed is awesome. Copying large files till a GB takes hardly 5 mins. This is the best SD card I've ever used. Even the color of the Memory card is so nice. Great performance. It is totally waterproof. Really amazing memory card.
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Product Details
Samsung has been a large player in the smartphone segment and their smartphone accessories are equally amazing. The Samsung class 6 memory card sports a massive storage space of 32GB, that is more than enough for all your family photos and your large music collection. Being of a class 6 variety, the memory card can transfer huge files with a blazing fast speed of 24MB/s. While being quite durable, the 32GB memory card can withstand water, X-Rays and magnetic waves. The memory card weighs just 0.5 grams, and Samsung also provides you with a 5 year warranty on this memory card.
Model ID
Memory size
32 GB
Card Class
Class 6
24 MB/s Read Speed
15x11x1 mm
Additional Features
Other Features
Water-proof, Magnetic-proof, X-ray Proof, Temperature-proof
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