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Samsung MicroSD HC 16 GB Class 6 Memory Card

Memory size:
16 GB
Card Class:
Class 6
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Samsung MicroSD HC 16 GB Class 6 Memory Card
Incredible Storage Space For All Your Favourite Files


- The amazing storage capacity of this 16 GB memory card helps to store up to 550 minutes of videos, 18630 photographs, and 7490 tracks.

- The small size of the card enables you to carry it around easily and access files from anywhere.

- The card is compatible with all laptops, tablets, smartphones, other mobile devices, and digital cameras regardless of the make and model of your device.

- Since the card boasts of the 4-proof technology, it can keep your data absolutely safe regardless of exposure to sea water up to 24 hours, temperatures between -25 and 85 degree Celsius, magnetic fields generated by home theatre systems and x-rays from machines at the airport.

- Excellent transfer speed and UHS-1 support minimize the time required for storing files on the card.

- The card is extremely durable with its mating cycle of 10000.

- The card is very easy to use as it only needs to be inserted in an electronic device.


- There is a risk of losing all data at once if this high capacity card is lost or corrupted.

- Useful only when there is a large amount of data to be stored.


The Samsung MicroSD HC 16 GB Class 6 Memory Card is an extremely useful purchase for those who need to storage heavy amounts of data as it keeps all their different media files in one place thereby making accessing them easier. Also, the card is durable, extremely compatible with a variety of electronic devices, and easy to use

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Product Details

Don't let insufficient storage space in a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet annoy you by using the Samsung MicroSD HC 16 GB Class 6 Memory Card that is also compatible with digital cameras and other gadgets with the microSD slot. Excellent memory space of 16GB and transfer speed of 24MB per second lets you store and access your favorite multimedia files from anywhere. The dependable 4-proof technology of this 16GB memory card makes it resistant to water, extreme temperatures, x-rays, and magnetic fields, and thus more durable. UHS-I and NAND features of this easy-to-use Samsung memory card deliver lightning-speed performance.

Memory size
16 GB
Card Class
Class 6
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