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Samsung MicroSD 64 GB 48 MB/s Class 10 Plus Memory Card

Card Class:
Class 10
48 MB/s Read Speed
Memory size:
64 GB
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Samsung MicroSD 64 GB 48 MB/s Class 10 Plus Memory Card
Ample Space for all your Memories


- Pairing it with your smartphone, you can store all your photos and HD videos. If you play a lot of high-end games, then you can transfer them to this 64GB memory card to save the internal memory of your smartphone.

- The Samsung memory card comes with class 10 and UHS-I interface, which makes sure that you experience maximum reading and writing speeds. With 48MB/s, you can transfer GBs of data to and from this microSD card within seconds.

- Samsung has designed this microSD memory card in such a way that it is durable enough to withstand any type of damage, be it water, X-rays, or high temperature. Your data will always remain totally secure in all such conditions.

- With a manufacturer warranty of 10 years, the company will be responsible for any manufacturing defects, if any.


- Being a microSD card, it isn't compatible with most cameras, as they support full sized SD cards. You will have to buy a separate adapter for this memory card if you want to use it with a camera.


With the segment leading transfer speed of 48MB/s of the Samsung 64GB memory card, transferring huge files, like HD movies and games, is now a breeze. The Samsung memory card is compatible with a range of devices that support microSD card, and you can have a seamless experience with it. It is quite difficult to find a better 64GB microSD card than this in similar price range.


The SanDisk Ultra microSDXC 64GB memory card could be a perfect replacement to the Samsung memory card. The SanDisk microSD card comes with a similar storage space and transfer speed of 48MB/s. The speed is attained with its class 10 and UHS-I interface. SanDisk offers a lifetime limited warranty on the memory card.

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Product Details
Memories are never ending, so should be the space to store them. The Samsung microSDXC 64GB memory card does a fine job in storing all your photos and videos with its mammoth sized storage space and blistering transfer speeds. The Samsung memory card is backed by a Class 10 and UHS-I interface, that are responsible for an ultra-fast transfer speed of 48MB/s. The microSD card can withstand extreme conditions, including water, temperature and X-rays. It is compatible with a slew of devices and will provide a seamless usage experience in any device you use it with. The 64GB memory card is protected by a brand warranty for up to 10 years.
Card Class
Class 10
15x11x1 mm
48 MB/s Read Speed
Memory size
64 GB
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