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Samsung ME732KD-B 20 L Solo Microwave Oven Black

20 Litre
Total Power Levels:
6 Levels
Power Consumption:
1150 Watts
Warranty Period:
1 Year Manufacturer
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Samsung ME732KD-B 20 L Solo Microwave Oven Black
Samsung ME732KD-B Review - Elegant!
Samsung ME732KD-B Microwave Oven Samsung epitomizes the name of its brand in the market of microwaves in the country through its nicely assembled and technically sound models. With the changing milieu of the society towards a better and smart lifestyle every strata of society is incorporating innovative microwave models to their kitchen.. Product review with specifications: This microwave has a total capacity of 20 L. Its heat source is solo. It uses a power source of 230 /50 Hz with maximum output power of 2050 W. The power consumption of this microwave is 1,150 watts. It has LED display type. It has 6 power levels. It has membrane control method. It has button type door opening. The interior cavity of the microwave is made up of ceramic enamel. It has 32 auto cook menus for Indian recipes. Maximum cooking time taken by this device is 99 minutes. Its net weight is 11.5 Kg and gross weight is 12.5 kg. Review: Samsung microwaves do full justice within the realm of choice for reasonable price along with technical sensibilities. Everyday people want to make unique food in their kitchen for the sake of filling the menu with some excitements. Generally people get bored by the monotonous food options we have in our daily routine. This microwave has a total capacity of 20 L which is enough for preparing food in ample quantity. The microwave uses a solo heat source which is enough to cook food in a manner the way conventional ovens do. The product has total of 32 auto cook menus for Indian recipes which in itself a very useful help for all those who are not having any sort of expertise in the art of cooking. With the aid of this feature you can cook everybody’s favourite things like paneertikka, chicken tandoori, kebabs, pizza, cakes, cookies, biryani, fish tandoori and many more delicacies which are almost practically impossible to be cooked on LPG gas stove but with an ease in an appliance like this. It has an automatic timer which prevents your food from spoilage due to overcooking due to overheat. Mostly cleaning of the microwave ‘s interior and its turntable is a trouble for everybody but with Samsung ME732KD-B Microwave Oven it is a thing to be fixed with immense ease as its interior cavity is made up of ceramic enamel. This material has a quality that it never allows grease and dirt to stay on it. With just a wipe of wet cloth the whole appliance gets refreshed again for reuse. Pros: LED display 32 auto cook menus Ceramic enamel cavity Cons: Solo heating No multi stage cooking My verdict: This microwave is a good choice since it has the brand value of Samsung plus with many options for better and simpler cooking. It is a visually appealing model for who are looking for elegant looks within this price range. Kenstar KJ20SSL2 20L Solo Microwave Oven versus Samsung ME732KD-B Microwave Oven For all sort of useful or mundane cooking Kenstar is a sort of better option than Samsung since firstly it is more inexpensive. Kenstar is a superbly renowned worldwide. It is more versatile in terms of features too. Though it lacks physical soundness of quality of body but looking t the price difference with almost same features I will recommend Kenstar.
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Samsung makes this microwave wonderfully , with lots of unique features that makes cooking very easy . It makes cooking interesting and we finish our work rather quickly . It gives our kitchen modern look and fits in any type of kitchen perfectly .
Product Details
Items in the box
1 Unit, Warranty Card, User Manual
20 Litre
Dimensions (W x H x D)
552 x 413 x 329 mm
Unit Weight
11.5 Kg
Total Power Levels
6 Levels
Power Features
Power Consumption
1150 Watts
Body & Turntable Features
Ceramic Enamel
99 Minutes
Outer Body Material
Stainless Steal
Add on Features
Reheat Feature
Cooking Completion Indicator
LED/Digital Timer
Rotisserie function
Warranty Period
1 Year Manufacturer
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