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Samsung GW73ED-WB 20 L Grill Microwave Oven Grey

20 Litre
Total Power Levels:
6 Levels
Power Consumption:
950 Watts
Warranty Period:
1 Year Manufacturer
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Samsung GW73ED-WB 20 L Grill Microwave Oven Grey
Samsung GW73ED-WB- a good oven but lacks support for convection
Samsung has captured the market share in every section of electronics especially home and kitchen appliance and microwave is one such category which is innovated by Samsung. This budget oven costs approximately Rs.6390 and has the functionality of microwave and grill which can cook and bake meat, pizzas, and vegetables and curry dishes without any prior knowledge of oven operation by user. It’s a favourite oven among bachelors and small families as its size is portable and can be stored in any part of kitchen and thanks to its executive design it can easy fit in to any dining room or open kitchen and all of this is possible because of its handy 20 Litres capacity. Samsung GW73ED-WB is not just a space saver but also an energy saver as it consumes just 950 W and power output is 750 W. This oven cooks your favourite dish to the perfection without putting any load on your pocket. The LED display makes it easier for the user to input the programs and it reduces the chances of mistake and gives you trouble free cooking. Feather touch input ensures that no force is applied to set the program and everything happens smoothly and lightly. The biggest challenge with any bachelor or newlywed is they know how to balance the spices but usually have no clue how much power and cooking time is needed for microwave cooking without under or over cooking the food and Samsung’s 32 Auto cook menus comes to the rescue and are designed perfectly to deliver proper cooked food. Key Features: Epoxy Coating: This form of internal cooking prevents oven from rusts and cracks which might hamper uniform distribution of microwave waves and thus result in uneven cooking. This coating also keeps the oven free from regular wear and tear by turntable and makes cleaning an easy task as a simple wipe by a moist cloth is enough to clean it as food does not stick to its surface. Auto Defrost: Most of the people have no clue that for much time the frozen must be put in microwave before it could be consumed and with auto defrost feature, one has to just push the start button and oven sets power and timer by sensing its weight. Multi Stage cooking: Now you can program your oven for up to 3 steps so you don’t have to leave your work and instruct oven for everything. Just preset and forget and oven will take care of cooking stages. Child Safety Lock: This feature in Samsung GW73ED-WB prevents any accidents by children as once this password protected lock is activated then cooking or heating cannot start in the oven. Samsung GW73ED-WB is a smart and energy saving microwave grill oven. Pros: • Energy Saver • 32 auto cook menus • Multi stage cooking • Child safety lock. Cons: • No support for convection type of cooking • Longer cooking time. My Verdict: Samsung GW73ED-WB is a good budget oven that performs the task of microwave and grill perfectly without consuming much energy and is an ideal oven for bachelors and newlyweds but it has slightly longer cooking time.
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Product Details
Items in the box
1 Unit, Warranty Card, User Manual
20 Litre
Unit Weight
13.5 Kg
Total Power Levels
6 Levels
Power Features
Power Consumption
950 Watts
Body & Turntable Features
Feather Touch
Outer Body Material
Stainless Steal
Add on Features
Reheat Feature
Cooking Completion Indicator
Defrost Power Level
By Weight
Rotisserie function
Warranty Period
1 Year Manufacturer
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