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Samsung EEB-EI1CBEGINU 9000mAh Power Bank

LED Indicator:
9000 mAh
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Samsung EEB-EI1CBEGINU 9000mAh Power Bank
Samsung 9000 mAh Power Bank, Small but with a Heavy Punch


-In this power bank, as the power output is through a USB port, it can be used with almost all devices that sport a USB port; thus, making it a truly versatile charging medium to have at hand.

-With physical specifications of 23 x 65 x 94 mm  (l x b x h) and a weight of 260 grams, the 9000 mAh power bank can be placed on the smallest of surfaces.

-The Samsung model  features a quick charging mode that comes in handy when  users need to charge their devices in  the least possible time.

-The power bank has a LED indicator located on its side that gives an indication of the amount of charge still left in it. This allows for greater user convenience. 

-A full charge of the universal power bank can be done in about ten hours, or after an overnight charge.

-Sturdily built, the power bank can take most physical impacts with ease.  It is made of toughened plastic and has a rigid and strong outer case that makes it durable and long-lasting alike.

-This device can take over a thousand charges and recharge cycles with ease, thereby ensuring  higher  usage facilities on the go.

-Available in a pale cream, neutral color that matches most gadgets, it is noted for its beautiful aesthetics too. 


-The power bank may overheat while charging. 


Economically priced, this Samsung Power Bank is a handy device to have for ensuring quick and unexpected recharges.  With 9000 mAh of backup power in store, it is definitely a value-based product for its price.

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Product Details
Warranty Period
6 months warranty
LED Indicator
9000 mAh
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