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Samsung EB-PN915BSEGIN 11300 mAh Power Bank White

11300 mAh
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Samsung EB-PN915BSEGIN 11300 mAh Power Bank White
Recharge your appliances while on the move with the Samsung Power Bank!


-This is a Universal Battery Pack. It is portable thus you can charge your mobile devices easily while outdoors. You will feel comfortable using this power bank especially while travelling.

-This power bank has 11,300 mAh external battery. It has a long battery life.

-The dealers of this power device are providing a warranty of 2 years on it, starting from its date of purchase.

-You can use this Universal Power Bank with ease because no separate cable is required to use it.  All you ned to do, is to connect its embedded cable to your smart phone or other mobile accessories.

-This power tablet is rectangular and has a sleek shape with rounded corners. Its weight is just 0.6 pounds. You easily store it in your pocket or handy bag due its negligible weight and portable size.

-If you have a tablet then this power bank from Samsung is perfect for you. Other battery packs in the market can charge only mobile phones.


- This power bank from Samsung is available in white colour. You need to clean it regularly, because it tends to get dirty quite easily.

- Its embedded cable is short in length. Thus you need to keep your mobile devices close to it for charging purpose.


The Samsung Power Bank is a precious power device that can be used to charge your cell phones or tablets in any location. You can use this battery pack at any place without any restriction. It is light weight and its handy size will enable you to carry it easily anywhere.
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Product Details
The Samsung EB-PN915BSEGIN 11300 mAh Power Bank White is the latest revolution in charging your powered electronic appliances like smart phones etc. This Samsung Power Bank comes in a handy size. This universal power bank can be taken anywhere, even while you are travelling. You can charge your smart phone and certain other devices, instantly with this power bank. The power bank comes with a warranty of 2 years by the manufacturer. It is a small and sleek device that can be easily carried anywhere and kept in your pocket also.

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Most Micro USB Equipped Phones
11300 mAh
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