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Samsung Champ Pure White

Single SIM, GSM
2.4 Inches
Primary Camera:
Yes, 1.3 Megapixel
90 g
FM Player:
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Samsung Champ Pure White
The Nokia 808 PureView is the best cameraphone ever made. End of story. Now, how do you proceed from there? And why is this particular phone so hard to write about? How about because a picture is worth a thousand words and we just had a... Tags: Nokia, Symbian, Touch UI Nokia 808 PureView in low-light: From dusk till dawn GSMArena team, 20 June 2012 The fact that Nokia 808 PureView is the best cameraphone money can buy is sure as shooting. This won't even pass for a pun. The 41 megapixel sensor and the tack-sharp optics deliver what no other smartphone can match and we even saw it successfully stand its ground against much heavier competition. Tags: Nokia, Symbian, Touch UI, Shootout Samsung Galaxy S III US edition review: Blockbuster GSMArena team, 20 June 2012 In a fashion dramatically different to the one from last year, the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S III has arrived on the market. There is no waiting measured in months like in the case of the smartphone’s... Tags: Samsung, Android, Touch UI Nokia 808 PureView blind test: The sum of all pixels GSMArena team, 14 June 2012 The Nokia 808 PureView has finally landed in swirling storms of hype. And of course, it wasn't given a chance to catch a breath. We didn't meet it empty-handed either. We had a finger on the shutter of some mean cameraphones and an EVIL digicam... Tags: Nokia, Symbian, Touch UI, Shootout Apple iOS 6 preview: First Look GSMArena team, 13 June 2012 As expected, Apple used the keynote of its annual WWDC event in San Francisco to announce the latest version of their iOS mobile platform. The sixth major build of the OS aims to bring the user experience to the next level with no less than 200... Tags: Apple, iOS, Touch UI, Preview Nokia Lumia 610 review: Basement window GSMArena team, 12 June 2012 According to recent estimates Nokia's smartphone sales could really use a boost. The Finns are putting most of their hopes on the WP flagship Lumia 900 and the Symbian 808 PureView cameraphone, but the one we're about to review might come in quite... Tags: Nokia, Windows Phone, Touch UI Sony Xperia U review: Fun united GSMArena team, 8 June 2012 The Xperia S has all the spotlight to itself in the NXT series, but history has taught us that Sony (and previously Sony Ericsson) can do wonders in the compact class. In two generations of minis and the Xperia ray, the Japanese have delivered packages that no one in the same price range can beat... Tags: Sony, Android, Touch UI Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 review: Happy meal GSMArena team, 6 June 2012 Samsung are back to basics and they say there's always room for one more in the low end. Especially one that doesn't take too much space. The Galaxy Pocket makes the Galaxy Mini look like it's on steroids and the Y series like a bunch of semi pros... Tags: Samsung, Android, Touch UI LG Optimus L7 review: L-egant droid GSMArena team, 4 June 2012 A fashion phone for the designer-challenged. Last season's Prada at knockdown prices. The LG Optimus L7 will have to face comparisons with the latest Prada phone by LG and we cannot think of many that will swing in its favor. But there's no... Tags: LG, Android, Touch UI Sony Xperia P review: Ironclad GSMArena team, 1 June 2012 Sealed in an aluminum unibody but still oozing the new NXT series style, the Sony Xperia P joins an elite club of metal-clad phones. And then there's the WhiteMagic screen to make it unique in the mobile world. In short, the Xperia P is one of... Tags: Sony, Android, Touch UI Sony Xperia sola review: Light 'em up GSMArena team, 29 May 2012 Sony are busy extending their Xperia line, after the Japanese behemoth bought out their Ericsson counterpart, and the Xperia sola lies squarely in the middle of the pack. The flagship Xperia S has set the ceiling and the Xperia P will set the... Tags: Samsung, Android, Touch UI Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Galaxy S II: Intergalactic GSMArena team, 23 May 2012 With the dust still settling from one of the most exciting smartphone battles the industry has seen, and clouds of stardust swirling around a complete review, it's time to step back and take a sober look at two great phones. Two glorious chapters in... Tags: Samsung, Android, Touch UI Samsung Focus 2 review: Taking it easy GSMArena team, 24 May 2012 The Samsung I667 Focus 2 for AT&T is the third LTE addition to the carrier’s impressive Windows Phone lineup. However, in order to avoid clashing with the platform heavyweights - the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II - the Korean offering... Tags: Samsung, Windows Phone, Touch UI LG Optimus 3D Max P720 review: Remastered GSMArena team, 22 May 2012 It's been almost a year since the release of the original Optimus 3D from LG, and in that time we've been watching 3D technology continue to evolve. Undoubtedly you've seen the changes in your local cinema, and even your living room, if you happen... Tags: LG, Android, Touch UI Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III review: S to the third GSMArena team, 20 May 2012 Today is no ordinary day for the GSMArena test track, which is about to see the Bugatti Veyron of smartphones do the rounds in an attempt to beat the lap record of its predecessor. Samsung have spared no effort to protect the Galaxy S III against any odds. Tags: Samsung, Android, Touch UI HTC Evo 4G LTE review: Ticking all boxes GSMArena team, 18 May 2012 The Sprint Wireless exclusive HTC Evo 4G LTE is the latest smartphone to come from the close and rather prolific collaboration between the carrier and the Taiwanese manufacturer. The handset is bound to take its spot as the flagship for Sprint’s newly launched LTE network... Tags: HTC, Android HTC One X for AT&T US review: Xtra flavor GSMArena team, 15 May 2012 With its international sibling receiving accolades left and right, it is time for the AT&T exclusive, LTE sporting HTC One X to take the stage. While the newcomer has retained the gorgeous looks of the global version, it is yet another case of... Tags: HTC, Android Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III vs. HTC One X: Alien vs. Predator GSMArena team, 11 May 2012 There's no battle to end all battles in this industry but there's no point either trying to reason with two deadly droids, armed with the latest technology. We have two of the season's hottest smartphones in combat mode and Android supremacy is... Tags: Samsung, HTC, Android Nokia Asha 302 review: E-serious GSMArena team, 10 May 2012 The Nokia Asha 302 comes between the Asha 300 and the Asha 303 in Nokia's updated featurephone lineup, but it doesn't quite follow the numerical order. Although obviously not a smartphone, this S40 messenger is almost halfway there. It aims... Tags: Nokia, S40 Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III preview: Second encounter GSMArena team, 8 May 2012 There's no need for us to tell you the importance of the Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III for both its own manufacturer and the Android world in general - our daily interest stats speak for themselves. Its predecessor was really something special... Tags: Samsung, Android, Touch UI Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III hands-on: First look GSMArena team, 3 May 2012 Samsung very recently climbed to top as the phone vendor with most units shipped, but more importantly, it also became the maker with most smartphones shipped. The company is a big player in the Android world, so with the announcement of its... Tags: Samsung, Android, Touch UI Nokia Lumia 900 vs HTC Titan II: Head to head GSMArena team, 2 May 2012 The two LTE smartphones, which we have on our hands today, couldn’t be more different as far as the manufacturer goals and ambitions are concerned. The Nokia Lumia 900 for instance, carries the burden of turning the fortunes for the Finnish giant... Tags: HTC, Nokia, Windows Phone, Touch UI Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 review : Double smart GSMArena team, 28 April 2012 It got around the block quickly enough that entry-level Androids are big money earners. Not that Samsung needed the heads-up. They've had a foot in that door for as long as we can remember. As of late, their Galaxy Y series... Tags: Samsung, Android, Touch UI, Dual SIM HTC Titan II review: Wrath of the Titan GSMArena team, 26 April 2012 HTC made quite a statement when it announced the original Titan in the summer of 2011. Its sequel is aiming to do so as well. After all, smartphones with 16MP camera sensors are a rare sight on any market. Launched at the same time as the... Tags: HTC, Windows Phone, Touch UI GSMArena feature labs: The tests GSMArena team, 26 April 2012 The GSMArena Labs are tests designed to give an objective account of how a device performs in real-world scenarios. In short, it's about what you can expect from a gadget you're planning to buy. Our tests are constantly being developed... Tags: Misc Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160 preview: First look GSMArena team, 24 April 2012 The original Samsung Galaxy Ace is now an entry level device at best, pushed down the ranks by the weight of two sequels. The Galaxy Ace 2 is next in line and we're talking a proper mid-range device. This dual-core smartphone... Tags: Samsung, Android, Touch UI HTC One V review: Chin up GSMArena team, 21 April 2012 The One series is the fresh new lineup of smartphones that helped HTC take the spotlight early in 2012. While the One S and One X are flexing muscle at each other as a way to stay sharp for the invasion of the other predators with multi-core processors... Tags: HTC, Android, Touch UI Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 review: Make it two GSMArena team, 19 April 2012 The question this second-generation Samsung tablet is trying to answer is not "How much better can it get?" The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 stops at how much. It feels safe pretending there's no such thing as a third-generation iPad... Tags: Samsung, Android, Touch UI Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T review: Going all in GSMArena team, 17 April 2012 Armed with a multimillion dollar marketing budget and even more ambition, the LTE packing Nokia Lumia 900 has hit the shelves in the United States. The smartphone is aiming for a piece of the high-end smartphone cake, currently enjoyed... Tags: Nokia, Windows Phone, Touch UI HTC One X review: eXtra special GSMArena team, 12 April 2012 How about this for a rebound after a rather quiet second half of last year. A massive change of game plan sees HTC focus on a special few products instead of trying to create a smartphone for every taste. An outstanding result of this effort...
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Samsung Champ
The Samsung Champ is a feature phone that was announced by Samsung in May 2010. It features a quad band GSM support along with a 40 MB internal Flash memory (expandable up to 8 GB via microSD), a 2.4 inch, 240x320-pixel resistive touchscreen display, a Digital camera and on select models, a 1.3-Megapixel camera. The phone is equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack, which enables it to be connected with any earphones or speakers of daily use. The phone also comes with dual speakers and a built in voice equalizer. It is one of the cheapest touchscreen phones available to buy in the market, with prices ranging around 70-80 euros. Due to its low price and compact size, the phone is very popular within the youth. Platform GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 UI: TouchWiz Lite UI WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML Java MIDP v2.0 Only Samsung Champ Duos support WiFi Size Dimensions: 96.2 x 53.8 x 13 mm Weight: 80 grams Display 2.4 inch TFT LCD Resistive Touchscreen Resolution: 240x320 pixels Colours: 256k Battery Li-Ion 1000 mAh Up to 12 hours Talk-time Up to 666 hours Standby Camera Digital Camera (1.3 Megapixel in Select Models) 4x Digital Zoom Customizable modes and effects Video Camera: QCIF (176x144)@15 fps. Music and sound Music Player with background play MP3/AAC Playback. Built-In Equalizer Music Library 3.5 mm Audio Jack Front Dual Speakers Entertainment Built-In JAVA Games Stereo FM Radio with internal antenna 90 MB Internal Memory Expandable Memory up to 8GB via MicroSD 1000 Phonebook contacts Connectivity Bluetooth v2.1 USB v2.0 Review Samsung Champ has received mostly positive reviews from its users. Most critics, including has ranked it 8 out of 10. The mobile has been in demand since its launch. Most users have praised the display and Touchscreen of the mobile. The pages on the screen moves as fast as the user's finger. Also the inbuilt social networking, samsung apps and dictionary feature have been praised. However, champ has faced criticism from some of its users on account of its Camera. The phone accepts only two video formats, 3GP and MPEG4. Because of this, users cannot play videos from most of the websites on the Internet. Also champ was expected to give a higher inbuilt memory but failed in doing so.
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samsung champ
as we know today's era is the era of revolution.there are various revolution are going on in various fields like education,agriculture,communication,internet,computer etc.among all these communication is very important part for all.communication is important to share our thoughts with others or to gain other's phones are a good example of revolution in the field of communication.through mobile phones we can communicate or talk with anyone whenever we want.we can give any information through mobile phones to various people and can also gain information through them.there are various companies of mobile phones are available like Samsung, Nokia,lava,spice, micro max etc. Samsung champ is a product of Samsung mobile phones.its a phone with good qualities.firstly it can also be used by the people who does not know much about operate the mobile phones. Samsung champ has an advantage of CHAT ON on is a facility in which a Samsung mobile phone user can send message to another Samsung mobile phone users without any cost that is free of cost.its screen is not so big but easily visible to all.battery life of these mobile phones is also good that we can use it up to 9-10 hrs without charging is light in is a multimedia phone and it supports various functions like Bluetooth,audio,video,internet,photos etc.its call quality is too good and it also supports multiparty communication through which we can talk with more than one people.its cost is not so high that people can purchase it is convenient in use for every people.for Samsung chat on facility there should be internet connection otherwise it cost some rupees for also provide dual sim facility that is some Samsung phone comes with dual sim has a big advantage that both sim can be activated there are problem with some phones that we cant use both sim simultaneously.In case of samsung champ we can use both sim simultaneously that is if one sim is busy then call of that sim can be transferred to other sim so that there will no problem to user. Samsung champ mobile is a good phone in all sense.
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samsung champ
What's miniscule, has a 2.4” resistive touchscreen, and is as cheap as they come? We'll save you the suspense, it's the Samsung Champ, aka C3300. Graced with a scaled down version of Samsung's TouchWiz user interface, the Champy (sorry, we couldn't resist) has one of the tiniest touchscreens we've encountered so far. The phone also sports dual speakers in the front, and mock surround sound in headset mode. Couple these with the cutesy looks and rock bottom price, and this might turn out to be one of the best value for money ratios in the touchscreen Little League cell phone universe. Will it, though? we mention that the Samsung Champ is tiny? The phone's dimensions are just 3.79 x 2.12 x 0.51 inches (96.3 x 53.8 x 12.9 mm) with a weight of 2.82 oz (80 g). Talk about comfortable to hold – this thing gets lost in the palm of your hands. We slipped it in a typical wallet compartment – the wallet bent in the middle, and we slipped it in our pockets with almost no sensation that the phone is there. The Samsung Champ exhibits rounded corners, and a curvy back panel with the typical for all Samsung handsets lately “hump” at the bottom. We had an all black review unit, but “espresso brown, sweet pink and chic white” are options, too. The back hosts a 1.3MP (yes, you read that right) fixed-focus camera, and a stylus compartment, both in the upper left corner. The top of the Samsung Champ houses the microUSB slot and the standard audio jack, the lock/power button is on the right side, and the volume rocker is on the left. What is a tiny resistive touchscreen without a stylus worth? Not much, Samsung concluded, and added a short plastic one. As the phone is destined for developing markets across Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, the included stylus helps to send text messages in hieroglyph handwriting, a feature that the Champ supports out of the box and is very popular across Asia, especially among Chinese users. Overall, the design and build quality of the munchkin leave a very positive impression.
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Product Details
Handset, Battery, Charger, Headset, Pouch, Stylus
Single SIM, GSM
Touch Screen
Yes, Resistive
Call Related Features
Conference Call, Loudspeaker, Call Timer, Call Divert
2.4 Inches
QVGA, 320 x 240 Pixels
256 K
Primary Camera
Yes, 1.3 Megapixel
Secondary Camera
53.9 x 96.3 x 12.9 mm
90 g
Li-Ion, 1000 mAh
12 hrs (2G)
Standby Time
666 hrs (2G)
30 MB
Memory Card
Extensible Memory
Upto 8 GB
Internet Features
Preinstalled Browser
NetFront 3.5, WAP 2.0
USB connectivity
Yes, v2.1
Music Player
Yes, Supports MP3, eAAC+
Video Player
Yes, Supports MP4, H.263
FM Player
MP3, 64 Polyphonic
Call Memory
SMS Memory
More Features
Offline Mode, Voice Mail, MMS, Predictive Text Input T9, Cell Broadcast, vCard
Warranty Period
1 year manufacturer warranty for Phone and 6 months warranty for in the box accessories
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