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Russell Hobbs RU-15215 12 Cups Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker Type:
Coffee Maker
Capacity in Number of Cups:
12 Cups
Power Consumption:
270 Watt
Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
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Russell Hobbs RU-15215 12 Cups Coffee Maker
A reliable yet feature-packed coffee maker

The Russell Hobbs RU-15215 is a coffee maker with a 12 cup capacity. Weighing 2.7 kg, it includes a permanent plastic mesh filter which can be removed for cleaning. Power consumption is 270 W and it comes with a one year warranty. Other features include a steam nozzle, anti-drip valve, removable drip tray and the option to set brew strength. Brew strength control lets you control how strong your coffee ends up tasting by regulating the amount of water that passes through the filter. The metal plate ensures the pot stays warm and the anti-drip valve allows you to pour without worrying about spilling in between.


- Of the many devices available, the Russell Hobbs RU-15215 is very easy to use and handle.

- The addition of the anti-drip valve is great since it allows you to pour coffee and start drinking it hot rather than waiting for the entire pot to brew.

- Brew control offers a good degree of freedom and the device doesn't take long to brew, even with 12 cups. The 12 cup capacity is also a very generous capacity.

- Excellent build quality and servicing overall. Easy to clean overall without any issues.

- Auto shut-off turns off the device two hours after brewing.


- Coffee tends to spill at times from the pot.

- Noise level tends to be a bit high.


The Russell Hobbs RU-15215 comes from a reliable brand and it shows. Along with strong build quality and ease of us, it includes a number of great features from the brew strength control to the anti-drip valve that prevents any leaking when you're pouring coffee. Though it can be slightly noisy at times, the Russell Hobbs RU-15215 is easily worth its price, which in itself presents great value.

Other recommendations:

Though Russell Hobbs has been around for a long time, Philips has been around much longer. As a result, it's had many more years of experience with appliances. The Philips HD 7457/20 for instance is a coffee maker with a 10 to 15 cup capacity. Power consumption is high and it's meant for brewing espressos. However, it comes with an impressive range of features including brew strength control, a drip stop when you want to interrupt the brewing process and a stainless steel body that weighs 1.42 kg. Along with a descaling cycle for cleaning, you also have the option of automatic coffee circuit rinsing.

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Product Details
Coffee Maker Type
Coffee Maker
Capacity in Number of Cups
12 Cups
Removable Filter Present
Brew Strength Control
Power Consumption
270 Watt
Type of Filter
Permanent Mesh Filter
Add on Features
Water Level Indicator
Illuminated on/off switch
Removable Drip Tray
Steam Nozzle
Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
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