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Reconnect RELEG4301 109.22 cm (43 Inch) 3D HD Ready PlasmaTV

Warranty Period:
2 Years Warranty
Zopper Assisted, hassle free Installation and wall mount supported by brand.
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Reconnect RELEG4301 109.22 cm (43 Inch) 3D HD Ready PlasmaTV
The Common Man's Plasma TV


-With a viewing screen of 109 cm and resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, this 3D TV is a true performer; rendering true and lifelike colors and pictures at all times.

-Numerous features built in to this unit make TV watching a memorable and entertaining experience. 

-3D pictures can be viewed on this plasma TV using additional viewing glasses that are available along with the unit.

-Here, connectivity is achieved with the availability of HDMI and USB ports.  The television is compatible with most commonly found and popular video and audio file formats, making the installation of extra codec software totally unnecessary.

-The presence of an all pervasive 3.5 mm audio jack permits the use of compatible headphones or other compatible receiver devices with the television.  This feature brings about greater flexibility in the use of the 43 inch TV.

-Presents a near perfect 178 degrees of view, thereby keeping viewers seated at the edges in the picture too, so to speak. 

- Special software enables the conversion of normal 2D pictures to 3D pictures; and brings about greater adaptability to the gadget. 

-Operating on the standard 230 V, 50 Hz domestic power supply, the TV can be used anywhere without any hindrance.  

- A standard 24 months warrant applies to the plasma TV and all the accessories that accompany the unit. 


-With very little to choose from with respect to the external finish of this TV, users would find it incompatible with changing room decors.


This is indeed as cheap as it gets for a plasma TV. With numerous features on offer, the Reconnect TV is light on the purse but high on features.  It can be considered as the second TV option at home.  Light weight and easy to carry around, the television is utilitarian in purpose.  

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Product Details

The Reconect RELEG4301 3D Plasma TV, 43 inch (109 cm) has a viewing screen of 109 cm at the diagonal and is truly HD with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.  Using plasma technology that is way ahead of the current LCD and LED systems, the Reconnect TV is sheer joy to watch.  Crystal clear 3D images are available on this high-end plasma TV that has a lot of features on offer.  A headset can be plugged into the plasma TV to listen to audio that is clear and crisp to the ears.  Here, easy connectivity is achieved via HDMI and USB ports that synchronize compatible devices with this television.  

Warranty Period
2 Years Warranty
Zopper Assisted, hassle free Installation and wall mount supported by brand.
Items In The Box
Main Unit, User Manual, Remote, Cable, Warranty Card
Input Output
Audio Video Features
Yes, 2 Speaker
Speaker Output
8 W x 2
Model Number
Screen Resolution (Pixel)
Dimension (W x H x D)
113.03 x 23.37 x 80.77 mm(with Stand),113.03 x 3.56 x 80.01 mm(without Stand)
Product Details
Small Description
The TV has capability to process and display High-Definition source video signal from your set-top box or Blu ray player, DVD player or content from your pen drive. It gives a great Full HD clarity with resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels provides you with an outstandingly detailed and crisp pictures. The 2 million pixels spread across screen provide real life like picture with utmost clarity, which can be viewed from a distance as close at 2 ft. You can connect your laptop out this TV using HDMI cable and turn the TV into a monitor, where you can browse internet, Facebook YouTube and watch movies from your laptop on a Big TV screen. The 3D feature of this TV allows you to watch  3D Content from your DVD player, Blu ray player, Laptop computer etc. It also enables stereoscopic image viewing by converting the 2D content to a relative 3D content by giving depth perception. when viewed as a 2D TV the image processing, speed, response, colour depth is also better because the TV is designed for higher performance.The Glasses used are light and doesn't require to be recharged before every use. You can use it for long viewing without tiring the eyes. The TV is very suitable for medium bedrooms, medium shops, children's room, medium living room, clinics, office cabin, salons etc. Viewing distance between 5-15 ft. Buy Reconnect RELEG4301 109.22 cm (43 Inch) 3D HD Ready PlasmaTV online in India for the lowest price. You can also avail the options of Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI on purchase of this product.
Screen Size (CM)
Screen Size (Inches)
3D Type
Contrast Ratio
IPS Panel
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