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Rage 32GB Class 10 4-in-1 Micro Memory Card

SD Card
Memory size:
32 GB
Card Class:
80 MB/s, 533x
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Rage 32GB Class 10 4-in-1 Micro Memory Card
A Convenient Storage Option for Media and Data Files


- This rage memory card provides plenty of storage for all your games, movies, other media files and documents.

- Incorporating three universal adapters namely USB, ATG and SD adapters, this versatile Class 10 memory card connects readily with a large number of devices.

- It offers up to a blazing 80 Mbps data transfer rate, which is crucial when you are transferring or sharing high definition movies, videos or graphic intensive gaming content.

- With this card inside your cameras, you can now capture more high definition images and record HD videos without running out of space.

- What's more, you can also store your thousands of songs and tunes on this Class 10 memory card, so that you can play your favourite music and stay entertained on the go.

- Ideal for smartphones and laptops, this 32 GB memory card conveniently expands its internal storage capacity. This prevents the device from performing slow or facing a space crunch or memory issues when loaded with high definition audio, photos, videos, and games.


- It might take a longer time to transfer high-definition multimedia files to and from this device

- The compact size makes it easy to loose when not used in any device.


Durable and reliable, this 32 GB memory card provides an excellent option for sharing, and transferring data to and from your smartphone, tablet and other compatible devices.

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Product Details
Are you looking for a safe and portable memory expansion option for large capacity data storage, backup, and transfer? If yes, then you need the Rage 32GB memory card. This Class 10 memory card provides you with ample space to store your images, videos, music and valuable documents. What’s more, you can also store entire movies and action games on this rage memory card. It has 80 Mbps data transfer speed which is pretty fast. Versatile in use, this rage memory card comes with USB, ATG, and SD adapters for easily connecting with other compatible devices.
Warranty Period
Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
SD Card
Memory size
32 GB
Card Class
80 MB/s, 533x
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