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Racold Eterno 2 Series 25 Ltr Vertical Geyser

Temperature Range:
Adjustable Temperature Regulator
Storage capacity:
25 Litres
230 Volts AC 50Hz Single Phase
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Racold Eterno 2 Series 25 Ltr Vertical Geyser
Fresh and Warm Mornings with Racold Water Heater


-With the "smart bath logic" function in place, the Racold geyser enables users to choose a preferred mode of bathing; and saves up to 40% electricity.

-This water heater has a special deflector that ensures slow mixing of hot and cold water in the inner container for maintaining the warmth of the water for longer periods of time; preventing frequent restarts; and delivering 10% more hot water.

-The special anode in this geyser has an electrolytic process that prevents corrosion of the heating element, thus guaranteeing a long lifetime for the geyser.

-The heating element of this Racold water heater is enameled with titanium and offers a coating of magnesium anode for providing better protection and long lastedness.

-The inner container of the Racold Geyser features a SPHP coating which is a unique polymer protective coating that offers high levels of corrosion resistance from hard water.

-The high pressure of this geyser, with a standing capacity of up to 8 bars, makes it suitable for high rise buildings and pressure pump applications.

-The temperature regulator and high-density, thick PUF (Poly Urethane Foam) in the water heater optimizes energy consumption to a large extent.

-The super polymer coating of the geyser ensures better hygiene by preventing contamination of any sort, for years.

-The water heater has a warranty period of two years on the product, four years on heating elements, and seven years on its inner tank.


-The installation service is not provided by the company.


This Racold water heater is designed with an anti-corrosive inner container, and boasts of heating elements made with high-tech coating combinations. Its power usage and water heating capabilities are efficiently handled for optimal heating results. With a warranty of 2 years on the product, this Racold Geyser serves to be a good investment.

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Great heat capacity..
Must try racold geyser
Product Details
Temperature Range
Adjustable Temperature Regulator
Additional Features
Unique Polymer Protective Coating Technology
Storage capacity
25 Litres
Heat efficiency
Titanium Enamelled Heating Element
230 Volts AC 50Hz Single Phase
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