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Prestige Tables Duplex DGT 04 4 Burner Gas Stove Black

Duplex DGT 04
4 Burner
Burner Type:
Brass Burner
Body Type:
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Prestige Tables Duplex DGT 04 4 Burner Gas Stove Black
The Smooth Stove; the Prestige Duplex


-With the top of this 4 burner gas stove finished in shatter proof, scratch resistant, and durable glass block, it is easy to clean and maintain. 

-The glass top can easily take the most demanding of pounding and still remains intact; overall, it brings forth the utilitarian value of this energy-efficient cook top.

-With four gas burners, a pair of large ones and a pair of small ones, all made in brass, this home appliance permits an even distribution of the workload. 

-Durable and toughened brass burners allow for rough and daily usage of this burner; all in all, these burners are hard to wear and breakdown. 

-Here, hardened metal stands give individual support to the vessels on each burner, thereby bringing them in closer contact with the heat source.

-With good quality gas regulators distributing the flow of gas to each individual burner, minimal use of cooking gas is ensured; this in turn brings about more efficiency in the use of cooking gas. 

-The two level construction of the stove enables its users to work with the extra large vessels that are needed for cooking large quantities of food.  Any obstructions to vessels are kept to a minimum with the smart design of this gas stove from Prestige.

-With a stainless steel body making up the rest of the gas stove, more endurance and longevity is provided to the burners of this unit.

-A one year manufacturer warranty applies to the glass top gas stove and the accessories that accompany the unit.


-The hardened plastic control knobs should have been given sufficient shielding from the heat source.  Liquid particles like milk and oil tend to get in between these knobs.


A simple and easy to use design, the Prestige gas stove brings in high utility with fine aesthetic appearance.  The glass top not only looks good but is easy to clean and maintain as well.  On the whole, it makes for smooth user experiences.

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Product Details

The Prestige Tables Duplex DGT 04 4 Burner Gas Stove Black is built on the duplex concept. It has a lower, and a higher placed gas top, to accommodate large-sized vessels used for cooking.  Four brass burners, two large and two small ones, make up the top of this Prestige gas stove.  Here, an elegant looking glass top adds a touch of class to the cook top, and makes way for easy cleaning and daily maintenance tasks.  With a (l x b) 600 x 495 mm base, the stove is evenly balanced to safely load all the four burners simultaneously.  With the shatterproof glass top being scratch proof as well, further functionality is brought to the gas stove.  

Warranty Period
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Duplex DGT 04
4 Burner
Burner Type
Brass Burner
Body Type
Ignition System
Multi spark ignition
Stainless Steel
In The Box
Box Contents
Main Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card
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