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Prestige Popular 5 L Pressure Cooker

5 L
Body Material:
Warranty Period:
5 Years Carry In
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Prestige Popular 5 L Pressure Cooker
High-Quality Aluminum Pressure Cooker from Prestige


- Cooking in this Prestige Pressure Cooker made of Aluminium is an easy and irritation free task.

- It comes with a variety of safety features that make it suitable for use. It is a excellent way to cook delicious and healthy dishes.

- This Pressure Cooker have comfortable handles to hold on to and make a firm grip so that the cooker won't fall off or be disbalanced while cooking.

- The material from which this cooker is made is really strong and tough and keeps the cooker from breaking off or getting damaged easily.


- The company does not provide any of the required utensils/attachments with this Pressure Cooker. You will have to buy it from elsewhere.

- The top of this Prestige Pressure Cooker is really small which leads to closing the cooker seem like a difficult job and does take a bit of time to fit precisely it in.


This Prestige Cooker does have some good features, and a stylish design and the same can be said about its performance too. It is made in the house of Prestige. You don't have to look any further this Pressure Cooker is the one to go for.

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I love cooking in this!
I am so happy to have this cooker in my kitchen. It's a good quality cooker and perfect product for my family. Locking system is nice which makes it safe while using. Built quality and handles, both are sturdy. 5 years warranty is also there. Very beautiful cooker with shiny surface, I love cooking in this. Seamless performance.
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Product Details
This Prestige Cooker comes with an induction base and stylish design that make it a kitchen a must-have. It can be an excellent kitchen appliance during your cooking sessions. This pressure cooker from Prestige is made of high-quality Aluminum, which is well known for its heat conduction property and allows the content to cook faster. Furthermore, this appliance is also light in weight and easy to store too. It has a Metallic safety plug that ensures optimum safety and the heat resistant handles make it easy to carry around without burning your hands.
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Warranty Card, Weigh Wall, Gasket, Pressure Cooker
5 L
Body Material
Add on Features
Safety System
Dishwasher Safe
Warranty Period
5 Years Carry In
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