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Prestige Mist 550 Watts 4 Jars Mixer Grinder

Warranty Period:
1 Year
No of Jars:
Mixer Grinder
Power Consumption:
550 Watts
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Prestige Mist 550 Watts 4 Jars Mixer Grinder
The Prestige Mist Mixer and Grinder Offers More Jars and Functions


- The water drain outlet on this Prestige mixer grinder makes it easier for excess fluids that come out in the juicing process to be collected and kept under control.

- The blades are made with stainless steel materials. This helps keep them strong and likely to cut through all sorts of foods.

- The individual jars and cutting bases are easy to add onto the main unit. A locking sound can be heard to tell when the bases and jars are secured.

- The jars are not only made with stainless steel materials but are also easily stackable.

- The display feature helps to show when this is working and will remind the user when it is on and what function it is using at a given time.


- It helps to be careful when getting this ready for use in a dishwasher. There are often times when a jar can start to break apart if too much pressure is added through a dishwasher.


This Prestige Mixer Grinder will help you take care of a variety of great foods. You can use this to effectively prepare many foods of interest to you. You only have to simply add one of the pieces onto the main base and get it locked in so it can start working. This is an effective and useful option that can help you out with many cooking needs all around the house.

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Great helping hand
I really love this product its perfect helping hand for every kitchen. Design is very simple and sober. Works very efficiently and its strong built quality makes it durable. Four jars of different sizes are provided with it which you can use accordingly. It grinds perfectly and offers you the best of functionality. It can fulfil your juicing purpose also. As trust of Prestige is there it will never disappoint you.
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Product Details

The variety of jars on the Prestige Mist juicer mixer grinder makes it easier for people to prepare foods in a variety of forms. The base unit features a series of jars with their own grinding or cutting blades. This Prestige mixer grinder come with separate wet and chutney jars; the chutney jar is 300mL in size while the wet jar is 1.5L. The juicer setup, which is fully transparent, is also made with a strong body and will collect pulp and waste materials quickly in a separate space on the side.

Warranty Period
1 Year
Items in the box
Main Unit, Pressure Handi
Body Material
No of Jars
Mixer Grinder
Power Features
Power Consumption
550 Watts
Add on Features
Additional Features
Transparent juicer jar that caters to specific juicing and grinding needs
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