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Prestige Marvel GTM 02 SS 2 Burner Gas Stove Black

Marvel GTM 02 SS
2 Burner
Burner Type:
Brass Burner
Body Type:
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Prestige Marvel GTM 02 SS 2 Burner Gas Stove Black
The Prestige Marvel GTM 02 SS Gas Stove is Useful and Simple


- The glass top lets off a good shine without wearing out too quickly.

- The legs on the bottom are smooth and easy to dust off and maintain.

- The controls are carefully labelled so it is easy to read them.

- The warranty lasts for two years and covers all parts of the product.

- The wide body allows the user to add additional tools or utensils on it if necessary while cooking.


- The burners of this Prestige gas stove needs to be properly maintained on a regular basis as there is a chance for one side of a burner to burn well if not maintained well enough as the other side.

- If stored improperly, the gas stove can develop rust spots and even some chipped paint spots. This may not be covered by the warranty if it is determined that the issue could have been prevented in some way.

- This 2 burner gas stove is a heavy unit weighing 10 kg.


You will enjoy using the Prestige Marvel GTM 02 SS gas stove for when you are looking to get all kinds of foods cooked and heated up. This is an efficient model that will quickly heat up more foods and give you a good amount of power. It is particularly efficient enough to start and can be controlled with regards to the temperature that you want to work with, thus giving you more control over how you cook foods on it.

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Beautiful product
It's a very beautifully designed kitchen product. Surface of this cooktop is very shiny and easy to clean. Quality of the product is excellent. Built quality is nice and durable. With this product I have started loving cooking on this product. It has totally changed the look of my kitchen. I will recommend this product to everyone!
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Product Details

Homes that need just two burners can use the GTM 02 SS, a Prestige gas stove, for their cooking requirements. Designed to be plugged into an outlet, it uses two brass burners. Each comes with its own control on the side of the 2 burner gas stove. The two burners have pan supports that can be removed and cleaned off. The multi-spark ignition feature keeps the stove lighting up until it is able to successfully generate a good deal of heat.

Warranty Period
2 Year Warranty
10 kg
155 mm
745 mm
450 mm
In The Box
Box Contents
Main Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card
Marvel GTM 02 SS
2 Burner
Burner Type
Brass Burner
Stove Type
Body Type
Ignition System
Glass and Stainless Steel
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