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Prestige Durable Deluxe Plus Mini Handi - 3.3 Ltrs Red

3.3 Ltr
Body Material:
Hard Anodized
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Prestige Durable Deluxe Plus Mini Handi - 3.3 Ltrs Red
The Prestige Durable Deluxe Plus Mini Handi Makes Pressure Cooking Easy


- The Prestige pressure cooker weighs about 2.1kg, making it ideal to cook food for large families.

- A rubber gasket is included for safety and proper cooking. This can be added or removed as needed.

- The valve cap will work in a variety of conditions and can quickly resist heat.

- The outer lid is properly anodized to keep the pressure on the inside from being lost and cook food within minutes.

- The Prestige Handi handles are coated to provide you with a strong grip and prevent any accidents due to slippage.

- It comes with a 5-year warranty.

- You can even put this in the dishwasher and it will still come out clean and ready for next use.


- The Handi pressure cooker does not have a rack on the inside. It may support an outside rack if that rack can fit in properly.

- It may be difficult to figure out the pressure level on the inside of the cooker at times. Careful observation is needed when ensuring this cooker works properly.


Your pressure cooking needs can be fully satisfied when you use the Prestige Handi pressure cooker. The Handi pressure cooker is easy to use as you can get this to cook foods quickly and effectively. It can be placed on a variety of surfaces in your kitchen. It won't be hard to handle either as it is cool to the tough. Whether you need to prepare a good meat or some vegetables, the Prestige pressure cooker will certainly help.

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Product Details

The Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Handi is a pressure cooker that has a capacity of 3.3L. The Prestige pressure cooker is made with a hard anodized aluminum body. The Prestige Handi uses a clear vent in the middle to release steam and pressure as needed. An induction base is also included to allow this to be placed on a variety of surfaces. The Handi pressure cooker will create a strong seal as it is preparing foods to prevent the ingredients from spurting and causing any accidents.

3.3 Ltr
Body Material
Hard Anodized
Add on Features
Safety System
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