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Prestige 2.0 V2 R Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop
Body Material:
Microcrystal Glass Panel
Preset Cooking Menus:
Indian Menu
Power Consumption:
2000 W
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Prestige 2.0 V2 R Induction Cooktop
Cooking has Never Been this Easy with Prestige Cooktop


- Consuming 2000 watts of power, this cook top is equipped with dual heat sensors that optimizes the utensils' temperature and prevents overheating.

- Its feather touch button makes the mechanism easy to work with; additionally, this Prestige Induction Cooktop is equipped with a remote control that works on radio frequency for giving off added functionality.

- Here, an automatic voltage regulator allows for the automatic setting up of voltage on the lines of the dish being cooked.  It flaunts a safety option for avoiding injuries caused by overheating.

- The power consumption display of this unit informs users about the power used when each dish is being cooked.

- Its automatic start display option notifies users about the cooking commencement time.

- With numerous Indian menu options on their hands, users would enjoy cooking spicy Indian food like paneer kadhai and tandoori chicken with ease.

- Its dual heat sensors ensure that heat is evenly distributed for cooking the dishes properly, without overheating the ingredients in any way.

- Incorporating an induction coil, this Prestige Induction Cooktop supports metal cookware and ensures high performance with excellent durability metrics.

- The anti-magnetic wall of this appliance prevents any accidents and keeps users away from all harmful radiations.

- Its anti-skid ring prevents the cooktop from slipping and hurting anyone.

- Integrated with power saving technology, this induction stove saves a lot on electricity bills.


- There is no pause button available which makes it difficult to manage the cooking process if users want to add some ingredients in between.

- The boiling option and custom cooking option is missing.  


The Prestige 2.0 v2(r) Induction Cooktop is an economical alternative for handy cooking. Ergonomically designed, it has a sleek body that flaunts feather touch display, safety features, Indian menu options and low energy consumption measures. Overall, it is an energy efficient device that works best for instant coking.


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Product Details

Users, who love making Indian food at home, would love to use the Prestige 2.0 v2(r) Induction Cooktop for preparing scrumptious dishes every day. Ergonomically designed, it has a sturdy and robust body with black metallic finish. This energy-efficient cook top has feather touch buttons with remote control for easy mechanism. Other impressive features include an automatic voltage regulator, anti-magnetic wall, power consumption display, automatic start display option, anti-skid steel ring, and dual heat sensors. Its Indian menu options allow users to cook delicious, spicy and tasty cuisines for their loved ones. This helpful product consumes 2000 watts of power and carries a one year warranty. 

Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
In The Box
Sales Package
Main Unit, User Manual
2.0 v2(r)
Induction Cooktop
Body Material
Microcrystal Glass Panel
Touch Buttons
Preset Cooking Menus
Indian Menu
Power Features
Power Input
230 V
Power Consumption
2000 W
50 Hz
Additional Features
Other Features
Dual heat sensors
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