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Powerpye Oxygen R Honeycomb Personsl Cooler Blue

30 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 adjustable speed
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Powerpye Oxygen R Honeycomb Personsl Cooler Blue
Power-packed Powerpye Oxygen R Honeycomb cooler


-Damage proof hard ABS body protects the cooler from wear and tear during transportation or any other such activity.

-This personal cooler features honeycomb pads which maximize cooling, all via increased reliability with low maintenance.

-It consumes only 36 watts, thereby paving the path for reduced electricity bills.

-Its 9 inches long fan blades direct airflow up to a distance of 10 meters and circulate cool air to all corners of the room where this appliance is installed.

-This Honeycomb cooler reaches a very high RPM speed of 1200 with minimal noise disruption to maintain the ambience of the room. 

-The compact body of this cooler allows it to take very less space and it can be fitted in small vents as well as windows.

-Uses no harmful refrigerant gases for cooling.

-Very cost effective in proportion to the services it provides; this cooler is noted for its low maintenance costs in the long run. 

-It boasts of an anti-corrosive body to ensure the longevity of the product.

-Features a warranty period of 3 months.



-Does not provide optimum cooling effects in extremely humid climates.

-Should be used in a well ventilated room with door and windows open or it will create an air quality problem.


The Powerpye Oxygen R Honeycomb cooler sophistication styled with efficacy to any space with its compact design and powerful air directional capacity. In terms of product lifespan and quality cooling, this AC proves to be an affordable choice with low maintenance. It will not escalate your electricity bills like most air conditioners do.


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good one
only 36 watt electricity consumption
Product Details

The Powerpye Oxygen R Honeycomb Personal Cooler Blue features a sleek design to complement your interiors and provide soothing coolness at the same time. Loaded with 30 liters capacity, this water air cooler does not require refilling every couple of hours. The energy-efficient Oxygen R model is equipped with adjustable blades, three adjustable speed levels, and a water indicator. Moreover, this personal cooler is differentiated by its powerful motor that provides it with a long lifespan and high metrics of durability. This Honeycomb cooler is the most suitable model for mid-sized and small rooms owing to its compact design and powerful cooling capacity. It is available at a very modest price.

Water Level Indicator
30 Litres
Motor Speed
3 adjustable speed
Air Cooler
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