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Powerpye Oxygen Honeycomb Personal cooler Blue

30 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 adjustable speeds
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Powerpye Oxygen Honeycomb Personal cooler Blue
Powerpye Oxygen Honeycomb Air Cooler to Beat the Heat
- Designed using high grade ABS plastic that is resistant to corrosion, this air cooler is sturdy, durable and long lasting. The honeycomb pads are also durable and do not need to be replaced often.
- It is compact in size and does not take up much space. 
- The fan size of 9 inches that operates at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm ensures quick cooling of the surroundings. The air throw distance of 10 metres and honeycomb pads offer efficient and uniform cooling for long. 
- With a tank capacity of 30 litres, you can enjoy cool air for long with this personal air cooler without worrying about refilling the tank every few hours. 
- Thanks to the water level indicator, keeping an eye on the amount of water in the tank is made easy. 
- Highly energy efficient, this air cooler requires a power of 45W for efficient functioning. Thus, long hour of operation does not run huge electricity bills.
- With the 3 speed air controller, adjusting the speed of the air flow of this room air cooler is made easy. Use the knobs to alter the position of the air vents to change the direction of the air flow.

- This cooler is a bit noisy which may seem disturbing while conversing or sleeping. 

Economical and endowed with some excellent features, Powerpye Oxygen Honeycomb air cooler is an ideal choice for homes as well as offices. Durable build, efficient and uniform cooling, provision to control air speed and direction of air flow, large tank capacity and energy efficiency make up for a good deal. However, the noise that emanates from the cooler can be disturbing.
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Product Details
Treat yourself to cool breeze with this Honeycomb air cooler from Powerpye Oxygen. Designed using ABS plastic, it is sturdy and durable. With a fan size of 9 inches, honey comb pads and air throw distance of 10 meters, uniform, and efficient cooling is ensured. The fan speed of 1200rpm makes for quick cooling of the surroundings. Enjoy cool air for long without worrying about refilling, thanks to the tank capacity of 30 liters. With a power consumption of 45W, this personal air cooler is energy efficient. Controlling the air flow is easy with the 3-speed air flow controller.
Water Level Indicator
30 Litres
Motor Speed
3 adjustable speeds
Air Cooler
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