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Portronics 10000 mAh Power Bank - Por 377

10000 mAh
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Portronics 10000 mAh Power Bank - Por 377
A Power Packed Power Bank With A Difference!


- This 10000 mAh power bank includes a feature of zero standby power loss, which means that you get all the charge on the power bank available for you when you charge your other devices.

- The LED indicator on the portable power bank makes it easy for you to understand when the device is fully charged and needs to be unplugged.

- The two USB ports of 1A and 2.1 A output makes it possible for you to charge two devices with it at the same time.

- The device contains original 3.7V/10,000 mAh lithium ion battery from Samsung which further gives you the assurance of quality.

- The power bank comes with three protection methods i.e over discharge, short circuit and over charge which means that your gadgets are completely secure with this portable power bank.

- The power bank comes with a micro USB cable for ease of charging.

- This portable power bank comes with a warranty of 12 months from the manufacturer.


- The power bank does not contain a AC-USB adaptor in the box.

- This power bank is available only in black and white colour.


The Portronics Power Bank is definitely a power bank with a difference.  It has a powerful 10000 mAh battery size. Apart from fulfilling your basic need of power-on-the-go, this power bank also keeps your gadgets and devices safe by preventing them from damage due to overcharging and short circuit. Available at a formidable price and with a warranty of 12 months, this is a product that everyone must possess.
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Product Details
10000 mAh
Additional Features
Sustenance Output: 2.1 A ( max) /1A
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