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PNY Power Bank 5200 mAh

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PNY Power Bank 5200 mAh
Easy To Use Power Bank


-With a capacity to store up to 5200 mAh of electrical power, this mobile power bank can charge all average portable devices twice; thereby giving adequate backup power for taking care of most occasions.

-An indicator panel consisting of four LEDs ensures the indication of the current status of the bank.  This feature allows users to know when the next charge is due, and gives information about the remaining charge at any given point of time. 

-Its auto shut off feature conserves the stored power, minimizing losses, and ensuring a long lasting mobile bank. 

-Adequate protection is given to short circuit, over load, over discharge, over current and other more abnormal operating conditions that are normally encountered by portable power systems. 

-Charges and discharges are possible through a single set of USB port, thus enabling greater convenience of usage. 

-The portable power bank gives up to 1A at 5V terminal voltage. This is sufficient to replenish most power requirements. 

-Compatible with most types of devices and gadgets, this high-performing power bank is versatile in its use; it leaves users with more choices than the ordinary charger. 

-An added torch function comes into play whenever there is a power failure. A simple item to add in but could be a game changer in the Indian conditions. 


-Can charge only a single device at a time, when it could have accommodated at least two with the addition of another USB port.


With a cylindrical form of less than 2.5 cms, this PNY power bank is every frequent traveller's essential item. With just under 8 hours to get to full capacity, the bank is fast to charge. With a Lithium-ion substrate that takes multiple charge cycles without fading, this is a device that could last many charge cycles. 

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Product Details

The PNY Power Bank 5200 mAh portable power bank has a capacity to store up to 5200 mAh of electrical power.  With this unit in place, users can avail a convenient torch function that could come into play during those long power outages.  Armed with a four LED display, this PNY power bank gives adequate indication with respect to the current status of the battery; the charge left in it, and also when the next charge is due.  Here, the high quality Lithium-ion substrate, undergoes minimum fade with use, thereby keeping the carrying capacity for many charge cycles.  Adequate protection is given to the most commonly occurring abnormal operating conditions, courtesy this power bank.  Standard six month manufacturer warranty applies to the unit and the accessories that accompany the device.  

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