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Pny BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank

10400 mAh
LED Indicator:
Yes, Led Flash Light
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Pny BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank
Trendy power bank


-It can be connected with both micro USB and mini USB and has a universal compatibility.

-It has a battery capacity of 10400 mAh that allows you to charge your phone twice or more depending on the battery capacity of your phone.

-It gives an output power of 5V, 2.1A that ensures fast and smooth charging.

- The 10400 mAh power bank is designed for phones, cameras, and tablets

- The Mobile power bank has a dimension of 24.5 x 50.5 x 139.5 mm that makes it easy to fit in the pocket.

-It weighs 238 g only that is simple to carry in your bag or in your pocket while you are on the go.

-It has built-in LED torch that assures extra visibility while using the power bank.

-It has 4 lights of power indicator, displaying the battery level status.

-It has an auto power off system, enabling you to make better use of battery energy.


-This 10400 mAh power bank comes with only 1 year limited warranty on manufacturing defects.


This mobile power bank is a good choice when it comes to power banks. This PNY Power Bank is safe and easy to handle. This 10400 mAh power bank is lightweight and can be carried anywhere. With its dimension of 24.5 x 50.5 x 139.5 mm, you can fit this in your pocket or bag. The auto power off system will leave you tension free about misuse of your battery energy. You can also be precautious when the battery level falls down with the 4 lights of power indicator that displays the level.

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Good quality power bank it is
Product Details

Get the PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank, which is a perfect travel company when it comes to charging your electronic devices on the go. This PNY Power Bank features a trendy and refined design. It also has an ergonomic shape, which makes it easy to hold and use. It is a safe device, which can be used outdoors as well. It comes with a built-in LED torch, ensuring visibility at dim light. The power shuts off automatically, making better use of battery energy. The 4 lights of LED power indicator display the status of battery level.

10400 mAh
LED Indicator
Yes, Led Flash Light
Additional Features
Micro-B USB, Mini USB Connectors
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