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Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
Blade Material:
Steel blades
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Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper
The Mini Chopper that Makes Light of Kitchen Chores


-With a body made out of high-quality food grade ABS plastic, this efficient and user-friendly kitchen appliance is capable of withstanding physical stress.

-Easy to clean and maintain, the chopper is lightweight and portable, It can be set up at any place in the kitchen, or used outdoors during family outings or picnics.

-Its sharp stainless steel blades make short work of most chopping and cutting needs. Here, the blades and all other parts of the chopper can be removed for convenient cleaning purposes.

-The size of the chopped pieces can be conveniently determined by the number of turns that are given to the handle. 

-Simple and functional in design, this appliance does away with complex knobs and buttons that would have made its functions overtly complicated.

-Its clear and transparent lower bowl allows users to view the ingredients that are being chopped. This feature dispenses with the need to open up the Pigeon chopper for estimating the state of the food items being processed.

-Acrylic chutes guide the ingredients that have to be chopped, and bring them closer to the blades for easier processing.

-Minimalist in design, the chopper has few moving parts and makes for easy and low cost maintenance. 

-Lack of corners and sharp edges gives the unit a fine visual appeal to match the aesthetics of any kitchen. 


-Without the need of a power source, the handy chopper has to rely on the force exerted manually.  This can be a limiting factor for elderly users. 


A very simple and uncomplicated solution for average-sized kitchen needs, the Pigeon handy mini chopper is a convenient product to have around.  For its price, it serves to be a handy piece of equipment that saves upon user time and efforts.

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Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Items in the box
1-Piece Chopper (127*102*127 in mm)
Green and White
Blade Material
Steel blades
Add on Features
Lock System
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Unbreakable ABS plastic, Convinient and easy to use
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