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Pigeon Aluminium 2 Ltrs Outer Lid Pressure Cooker

2 Litres
Body Material:
Hard Anodized
Warranty Period:
5 Years Manufacturer Warranty
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Pigeon Aluminium 2 Ltrs Outer Lid Pressure Cooker
The Cooker for Tough Cooking, the Pigeon Cooker


-With a cooking cavity that displaces two litres, this pressure cooker is sufficient for all cooking needs of an average family of four. 

-A tough die cast construction permits the rough handling that normally comes with Indian cooking. Strong yet light, the aluminium body of this pressure cooker is easy to clean and maintain.

-Having a base designed to deflect the heat inwards, this Pigeon pressure cooker makes short work of tasks. The heat inside the cooking compartment is conserved for imparting the optimum levels of even cooking medium.

-An all round matte finish to the cooker ensures its cleaning and is pleasing to look at.The slightest dirt is easily seen on the interior and exterior body of this home appliance, thereby providing a clean cooking container at all times.

-The rubber gasket between the lid and the body of the cooker ensures a perfect seal at all times. It is also food grade, ensuring safety of use.

-A user friendly handle bar causes less strain while lifting the cooker; at the same time it stays out of the way for imparting easy functionality.

-Provision of a fuse link protects the cooker and its users from dangerous operating conditions. It prevents dry cooking conditions from paving the way for any accidents.

-With the cooker being ISI certified, assures can be assured of having a safe piece of equipment in their hands at all times. 


-Lack of an induction base limits the use of the cooker to just the open flame. 


With a thick bottom, aluminium body, ergonomically designed handles, and weight valves, the Pigeon Cooker brings home good user experiences. With minimal of moving parts to its credit, and a robust design, this cooker would normally last a lifetime. As always, this Pigeon model serves to be an indispensable part of every kitchen. 

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Good cooking utensil
Good utensil for cooking. It is made up of aluminium which make its built quality strong and surface is super shiny. Size is quite appropriate, neither too big nor small. Easy to clean and handles are also very sturdy. You will definitely love cooking in this product.
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Product Details

The Pigeon aluminum 2 Ltrs Outer Lid Pressure Cooker has a cooking cavity that displaces 2 liters of space.  The entire unit, made of aluminum die cast construction, would last for years to come and gives trouble free service at all times.  An advanced weight valve system on this Pigeon Cooker enables faster evacuation of steam from the cooking cavity.  With a thick bottom that deflects heat inwards, cooking times tend to get reduced with this helpful home appliance. Its thick seat bottom also provides longevity to the pressure cooker. A five year manufacturer warranty applies to the unit from its date of purchase.  

Items in the box
Main Unit,User Manual,Warranty Card
2 Litres
Aluminuim Polish
Body Material
Hard Anodized
Add on Features
Safety System
ISI Certified
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Weight Valve, Gasket Release System, Strong & Sturdy Body, Safety ValveGasket Vent Release Syetem
Warranty Period
5 Years Manufacturer Warranty
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