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Philips SPA75/94 Portable Laptop Sound Bar Black

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
Power Output (RMS):
4 W
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Philips SPA75/94 Portable Laptop Sound Bar Black
Philips Sound Bar: Music in Our Pocket


-This Philips Sound Bar is compatible with widely used operating systems including Mac and Windows.

-The portable speaker can be connected to all kinds of mobile devices, external speakers, PCs, or USBs via a 3.5 mm audio jack, USB port, or Bluetooth.

-This high-performing Sound bar features FM radio for enabling easy tuning into the user's desired frequency.

- It has a remote control for enabling hassle-free and comfortable listening experiences at all times.

-The SoundBar clips safely on top of notebook screens for saving space and helping users listen to their favorite tracks on the go. When finished, the USB cable of this device can be wrapped in a designated slot around the Sound Bar and stored in its pouch.

-With a total power output RMS of 4 Watts, this energy-efficient output delivery device delivers optimal sound effects.

-Doubling up as a handy, removable mass storage device, the USB compatible device is noted for its high-quality sound enhancement features.

-With compact physical dimensions of 246 x 32 x 53 mm and a light weight of 0.4 kg, this sound bar is easy to transport and carry around.

-The Philips SPA75/94 is designed with a plug and play feature for smart operations and added convenience, thus enabling easy user access by plugging into a compatible PC or mobile device.

-It is available with a one year manufacturer warranty.


-The speaker does not have separate treble and bass controls.


The Philips portable speaker, with several connectivity options, has an output RMS of 4 W. The structure of the laptop sound bar is not only compact, but lightweight as well, thus enabling it to be truly portable. For users who travel a lot and enjoy the company of music, this sound bar serves to be a very useful accessory.

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Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Input Connections: USB Cord for Power-in and Stereo Audio-in Plug
Power Output (RMS)
4 W
Audio Input Output
2 W
Speaker Type
Laptop/Desktop Speaker
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