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Philips SPA50 Wired Laptop/Desktop Speaker Red

Satellite Speakers:
2.0 Channel
Power Output (RMS):
15 W(Speaker)
Frequency response:
35-200 Hz(Speaker)
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Philips SPA50 Wired Laptop/Desktop Speaker Red
Small Package but Powerful Sound, the Philips SPA50


-The speaker's Bass Boost and Box System helps in delivering astounding sound experiences that is rich in bass. It ably hides the fact that there is just a total of 3 watts of peak power to play with.

-A well  designed spool ring that also doubles as the speaker legs ensures that the excess cable is neatly wound around it; for keeping the work desk tidy and free from any clutter. 

-Effective sound control is  made possible by using a rotary switch that allows for smooth and lag free playing of music on this desktop speaker.

-With both the speakers weighing in at around a pound, they can be deployed on most surfaces without causing any damage or scratches. Lightweight and portable, the speaker set can be used outdoors as well.

-Its 10.7 x 20 x 11.7 cm profile ensures that the speakers can be installed in the minutest of spaces, thereby increasing its utility and versatility metrics.

-Its 3.5 mm audio connector plug makes this gadget compatible with most sound systems prevalent in the market. 

-Available as a plug and play device, there is minimal fuss involved in the operation of this 2.0 speaker. This in turn converts into a greater degree of acceptance by customers. 


-Although terrific in performing the bass sound range, the sharper notes have been noticed by the speakers to cause a vibration.

-The absence of Wi-Fi connectivity is quite glaring with this speaker set. 


Packaged in a small bundle, this Philips speaker does pack in quite a punch.  It is attractively presented and complements most compatible systems to the hilt. Its spare wire take-in spool is a design masterpiece that stands out on this speaker.  Matching looks and flexibility defines this speaker in a sentence.  

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Superb sound that gives you pleasure
Finally bought this product after a long search. Sound clarity is really amazing. Philips is also known for its durability. Sophisticated design that gives you dashing looks and superb color combination. This stylish speaker system comes with a USB cable (for power). Very portable and works best with PC also. These speakers offer exceptional audio quality and truly amazing.
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Product Details
Satellite Speakers
2.0 Channel
Power Output (RMS)
15 W(Speaker)
Frequency response
35-200 Hz(Speaker)
Speaker Type
Laptop/Desktop Speaker
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