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Philips SPA 6700B Speaker

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
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Philips SPA 6700B Speaker
The Neat Looking Speaker Set


-Capable of synchronizing with nearby Bluetooth devices, the speaker set can be a handful in playing favourite tracks and music pieces. 

-With a 60 watt peak music output, this is not just any ordinary set of speakers; it gives out blissful music pieces all the time.

-True surround sound effect is achieved with the complete complement of speakers, including the boom box that gives off booming bass sound outputs.

-A built in FM receiver allows for convenient tuning in to the local news and music at all times, thus bringing forth a convenience that is very useful. 

-Its boom box helps gets those booming bass sounds to good effect, thereby making for terrific user experiences. 

-A USB port helps in the docking of flash drives and other storage devices, and helps seamless playing of all kinds of music stored on external devices.

-Uniquely designed sub-woofer produce a much deeper bass that can be controlled separately on the Philips speaker.

-A compact design of the entire system ensures a package that is small in size and portable too. This permits easy portability of the system at all times.

-Can be remotely controlled by a controller that is provided along with the speaker set, thereby offering a convenience that is not usually seen in speakers in this range.


-The boom box has been noticed to get distorted notes when playing at the very top end of the volume. This prevents the use of the speaker system for loud parties.


A simple yet functional design how its users would best describe the USB speaker. Lacking the refinement of more sophisticated systems, this speaker set is capable of giving out a memorable performance. A single knob control of the sound output ensures a simple to understand working style. Coupled with the PC or laptop, it would give hours of entertainment at a stretch.

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Product Details

The Philips SPA 6700B Speaker is a wireless enabled device that latches on to the driving medium via Bluetooth.  Capable of surround sound that immerses all listeners in a true all around sound rendition, this speaker unit is certainly worth its cause. Available with a FM tuner, the speaker set can help users tune into the nearest radio stations comfortably.  This is an impressive way to listen in to the CD player, TV, PC or the MP3 player.  With a box system, the USB speaker can accentuate rich bass effects with loud boom beats.  Compactly designed, the speaker set is truly portable and can be carried around without any fuss.


Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
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Main Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card
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USB Playback Support
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