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Philips SPA 30 Wired Laptop/Desktop Speaker Black

Satellite Speakers:
2.0 Channel
Power Output (RMS):
15 W(Speaker)
Frequency response:
35-200 Hz(Speaker)
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Philips SPA 30 Wired Laptop/Desktop Speaker Black
Enjoy High-quality Listening Moments


-The speaker has a 2.0 channel configuration with a USB plug for drawing power. It enables easy and efficient operations and gives off surreal sound quality for enhanced music listening experiences for music lovers of different genres and generations.

-The desktop speaker operates on a 15 watts power to deliver optimal music and sound.

- This Philips set has a headphone jack of 3.5 mm for easy and fast connectivity to mobile devices, PCs, and other MP3 players.

-The output RMS of the speaker is 3 W or 1.5 W per speaker, and it gives off high-quality sound effects at all times.

-The speaker has two satellite speakers with a frequency response of 35-200 Hz for sharp quality sound delivery.

-This Desktop, AV Player, Laptop compatible speaker has an Impendance  of 6 ohms and is Configured with 2 channels. Though it does not have memory card slots or a remote control for advanced functionality, it is a handy device for those who cannot do without their music at home, or in the workplace.

- The speaker set is available with a 6 months warranty.

-With physical dimensions of 18 x 17.8 x 9.4 cm and weight of 640 g, this wired speaker set is a compact and elegant fit for any user's living room. At most times, it matches the existing aesthetics and serves as an integral part of all kinds of decor.


-Some users may find the wire length shorter than other similar devices with conventional-type connecting wires.


The 2.0 speaker wired laptop/ desktop speaker from Philips, with its compact size and light weight, is an ideal accessory for most brands of mobile devices and PCs. This Philips Speaker set features 15 W power and an output RMS of 3 W for delivering the best-in-class sound quality. With a frequency response of 35-200 Hz, it is known for producing clear and crisp sound. 

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Product Details
Satellite Speakers
2.0 Channel
Power Output (RMS)
15 W(Speaker)
Frequency response
35-200 Hz(Speaker)
Speaker Type
Laptop/Desktop Speaker
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