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Philips HR7628 Food Processor

Motor Speed:
1500 - 1900 RPM
Body Material:
ABS Plastic Body/Polycarbonate
Power Consumption:
650 Watts
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Philips HR7628 Food Processor
Philips Food Processing Unit for more Time-offs!


-This Philips Food Processor boasts of a compact design and includes a 1.75 L blender, 2.1L bowl, and other high performance accessories. It handles the toughest of cooking chores effectively.

-The high-performance mini food processor is equipped with 2 speed settings, and pulse for giving off maximum control to users. The low speed setting is helpful for whipping cream, beating eggs, creating pastries / bread dough. On the other hand, the higher speed setting helps in chopping meats and onion, blending soups and smoothies, as well as shredding, slicing, grating and rasping vegetables.

- A smart and feature-rich kitchen food processor, it is packaged with easy-to-use accessories that are capable of handling 25 plus functions.

-It offers the PowerChop technology that gives superior chopping performance via a well-conceived combination of cutting angle, blade shape, and inner bowl.

-Perfect for preparing cake batters and purees, it has a 650 Watt motor that makes for powerful processing of different ingredients. It gives adequate power for controlling up to 5 portions of any recipe preparation, at a single go.

-Break-resistant and dishwasher-safe, the jars and accessory parts of this Philips appliance can be cleaned conveniently.

-Here, the speed knob and housing material are manufactured from lightweight ABS plastic. The chemical-resistant pusher & bowl are made of Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN), and offer healthy operations at all times.


-It does not have an inner chimney shaft in the bowl.


The Philips Food Processor, with high-performance stainless steel blades and three jars to its credit, is oft-purchased for its best shredding and slicing results. Easy-to-assemble and clean, the high-performance appliance can be used for all kinds of recipe preparations, vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike. Energy-efficient and cost-effective, this food processor serves to be a good buy at its price.

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Product Details

The Philips HR7628 Food Processor, with an ABS body, and 2 + Pulse speed settings, has a body size of 244 x 244 x 377mm. With 2.1 liter bowl capacity, 1.0 liter blender jar capacity, and stainless steel blades for slicing, chopping and kneading purposes, it has three disks for shredding (coarse), granulating, and slicing (coarse). Complete with an Emulsifying Dish, Non- mechanical brake, and slip feet,  it consumes 650W of power and has a power requirement of 220-240V, 50Hz. This device is most noted for its PowerChop technology that makes its operations smooth, lag-free, and quick.

Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Stainless Steel Shredding Disc, SAN Pusher, 1.75 L SAN, Polypropylene Blender
Slicing Blade
Number of Functions
25 Functions
Safety Locks
Motor Speed
1500 - 1900 RPM
Speed Settings
2 Speed
Chopping Blade
Body Material
ABS Plastic Body/Polycarbonate
Power Consumption
650 Watts
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