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Philips HR 1565 400 W Hand Blender

Warranty Period:
2 Years
Power Consumption:
400 W
Blade Material:
Stainless steel
Blender Type:
Stand Mixer
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Philips HR 1565 400 W Hand Blender
The new Philips Hand Blender will save you from physical labor while blending food!


-The blade of this mixer blender from Philips is made of stainless steel. It is more durable as compared to other hand blenders.

-This hand blender has the latest turbo function by which you can mix as well as blend, cooked and uncooked food easily. This makes your task easier.

-This hand blender from the Philips is available in the market with an exclusive warranty of 2 years. This warranty commences from the date of its purchase.

-It has a 3 litre rotator bowl, so you can blend and mix sufficient amount of food contents in it, good enough for usage by a small to medium sized family 


-This stand mixer should be kept away from the reach of small kids because they may get hurt by its rotator bowl.


The all new Philips Hand Blender will help you to grind and blend foods easily and quickly. Now you can blend egg solutions to prepare omelets or you can grind spices and chutney with ease and little effort. The customer care team of Philips will give you full assistance in using and maintaining this hand blender. Plus the warranty will ensure that you do not get worried about its maintenance and upkeep.
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Product Details
This Philips Hand Blender is going to make your way of cooking food more advanced. This stand mixer will help you blend various types of cooked and uncooked foods. Take for example you can blend the egg solution with its yolks to prepare omelet and so on. It also facilitates the process of pureeing, mixing, and blending. You can also grind spices, chutneys, and cereals in this hand blender. This kitchen appliance consumes power of 400 watts.
Warranty Period
2 Years
Power Required
Power Input
230 - 240 V
Power Consumption
400 W
50-60 Hz
Mixing Feature Available
Beating Feature Available
Blade Material
Stainless steel
Blender Type
Stand Mixer
Chopping Feature Available
Blending Feature Available
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