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Philips GC104/01 Dry Iron

Warranty Period:
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Power Consumption:
1100 W
Iron Type:
Dry Iron
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Philips GC104/01 Dry Iron
The Smart Iron, The Philips Dry Iron


-With the heating element rated at 1100 watts, this is one of the least power consuming irons used for household purposes. It takes care of the most stubborn of creases on clothes, including those on the thickest linen. 

-An adjustable thermostat not only keeps a steady temperature at all times, but the heat applied can be varied according to the type of fabric being ironed. This ensures the adaptability of the unit to all conditions.

-Having a sole plate made of aluminium not only keeps the Philips dry iron light in weight, but also makes it maintenance free at most times. Keeping the sole plate clean requires just a wipe with a damp cloth.

-The unique mount of the power cord makes it neutral to both left and right handed users, thereby increasing the versatility of the gadget.

-A unique tapered construction of the tip of the sole plate ensures easy access to all difficult to iron areas, such as the space between the button holes in men's shirts.

-Operating out of the standard 230 V, 50 Hz domestic power supply, the iron does not require any specialized wiring or fitments; thus, it can be used practically anywhere.

-A protective fuse link ensures safety of users from short circuit and the overheating of this iron during use.

-Available in a variety of pastel colors that matches most household decor; this iron makes it easy for users to find the right color scheme of their choice.


-Lack of a steam iron feature is missing out on the iron. With 1100 watts of heater capacity, a steam function could have been easily incorporated.


With an 1100 watt heater element, this Philips Iron is one of the most powerful ones available. The heaviest of linens and cottons can be easily handled with it in place. It takes care of the most stubborn of household needs to perfection and offers good value for money.

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Simple and efficient
The product is nice. Satisfactory working. Quality is undoubtable as it is from Philips... Good thing is that it comes with 2 year warranty. Aluminium sole plate is there for easy gliding on all fabrics.  Very light weighted iron ad easy to use. Very stylish and eye catchy looks. Good product.
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Product Details

The Philips GC104/01 Dry Iron is rated at 1100 watts of power consumption that takes care of the toughest of domestic ironing needs.  An aluminum sole plate, which is both non corrosive and durable, ensures years of trouble free services, even in the most demanding of conditions.  Here, a built in thermostat ensures uniform temperature conditions while ironing, thus ensuring the same result though out.  With a built in fuse link that provides protection from overloads and short circuit, this Philips iron is as safe to use as it can get.  With four pastel colors to choose from, users have a lot of buying selections on their cards.  A standard two year manufacturer warranty applies to the unit from its date of purchase.


Warranty Period
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Power Input
Power Consumption
1100 W
Items in the box
One Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card
Sole Plate
Iron Type
Dry Iron
Add on Features
Indicator Light
Comfort Features
Comfortable Ironing, Fast and Powerful Crease Removal, Pointed Tip for Ironing Tricky Areas, Easy Gliding on all Fabrics
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