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Philips DSP75U/00 5.1 Ch. Speaker

Warranty Period:
1 Year Manufacturar Warranty
Speaker Power Output:
120 Watts
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Philips DSP75U/00 5.1 Ch. Speaker
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- The display feature on the main unit allows the user to not only plug in an item into a simple 3.5mm jack but to also adjust the overall settings on the unit. The digital display especially helps the user to see what radio station it is tuned to on the FM dial if desired.

- The speakers are easy to clean off and dust as required.

- The covers on these speakers are designed to be secure and will keep dust from getting into their main components.

- The remote control is carefully labelled so it is easy to use.


- This setup requires wires to keep everything running. It does not support any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi links.

- The wires should be checked carefully as they are rather thin and potentially fragile. That is they could break apart from the speakers they are attached to.


You can use the DSP75U/00 Philips speaker system to play back sounds with crystal clear quality through a variety of places. The 5.1 speaker setup is easy to set up in a room and you can move the speakers in the set to a variety of spaces while keeping the wires connected properly. It's also easy to control this and you can even plug in your favorite media player into the set and play back your music or other files right off of the speaker setup.

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Amazing Speakers
Powerful 8 inch sub-woofer & surround system at a good price.                                 
Bass is great. But there is no treble control.              
Powerful bass is swallowing all other frequencies.                                                     
Audio input is adjustable.                     
Multiple devices can be connected at once.                                                                            
Source input can be selected from remote. I love it :)                                                                 
No HDMI though value for money speakers.
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Product Details

Philips has made a wide-reaching speaker system with the DSP75U/00 5.1 speaker. This system features a main unit with four speakers that stand vertically and another that stands horizontally. The 8-inch woofer uses a wired link to create deep bass sounds. It comes with a remote control to help with adjusting the sound quality as needed. A USB port is included to connect the setup with a media device. It all works with 120 watts of power right through the entire Philips speaker setup to play back the best possible sounds.

Warranty Period
1 Year Manufacturar Warranty
Items in the box
Home Theater, User Manual, Warranty Card
Add on Features
USB Connectivity
Speaker Features
Speaker Power Output
120 Watts
Speakers Configuration
5.1 Channel
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