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Philips AZ390W Sound Machine Boombox Black and White

Dimension (W x H x D):
28 x 24.4 x 16.4 cm
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Philips AZ390W Sound Machine Boombox Black and White
A Versatile Music Box


-With the USB port that enables plug and play feature to most music formats, this unit ensures endless hours of playback of recorded files. 

-This unit flaunts a CD write feature that enables the user to record or burn CDs on the boom box. This is a rarely seen feature that  sets the music player from the rest.

-The provision of an FM tuner enables users to tune in the nearby radio stations, so as to listen to live broadcasts without any fuss.

-An audio-in port that features a 3.5 mm audio jack receptacle, makes the sound machine compatible with most comparable devices. This feature enables the loud broadcast of sound from smaller devices like a tablet or smartphone. 

-On this unit, a CB shuffle/repeat capability ensures further refinement of the sound box to suit personal listening preferences.

-There is a provision for programming 20 track CD inputs, thereby offering more flexibility for using this audio device.

-A large LCD screen at the front of the player displays the current status of the music machine.  This enables users to keep  track of the music being played.

-Finished in black and white construction, the music system is neutral in its appearance. It blends in with most decors with ease. 

-Powered by the standard 230V, 50 Hz domestic power supply, the music box can be used anywhere, conveniently. 


-Due to the light weight construction of the sound machine, it tends to cause a distortion of music files played at the very top of the volume control. 


With a package so small, it is hard to believe the kind of features that is packed into the Philips boombox.  Easy to use, and at the same time having enough complexity to accommodate the most minor of details, this music machine is what is required for serious listeners.

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Product Details

The Philips AZ390W Sound Machine Boombox Black and White is a portable music player cum radio tuner.  It supports an FM tuner that allows users to listen to the airwaves, and has a CD drive to accommodate the most accessible music formats. Here, an audio in feature ensures compatibility with auxiliary devices to give seamless listening experiences with the Philips boombox.  This sound machine has CD Shuffle and Repeat for personalized music attention.  It can be powered both by the  power cord that plugs into the power socket, or the batteries that are accommodated in the compartment provided. Here, a rotary volume control selects the desired loudness of the speakers.  Standard one year manufacturer warranty applies to the product and the accessories that accompany the unit.  

Warranty Period
1 Year
Video & Audio Features
Audio Playback Formats
USB, Wired
General Features
Dimension (W x H x D)
28 x 24.4 x 16.4 cm
Items in the box
Main unit
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