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Panasonic SRW A 18H 4.4 L Electric Rice Cooker

Cooker Type:
Rice Cooker
4.4 L
Cooking Pan Material:
Anodized Aluminium
Warranty Period:
2 Year warranty
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Panasonic SRW A 18H 4.4 L Electric Rice Cooker
Panasonic Rice Cooker for Instant Cooking


- With 4.4 litres of capacity, this electric rice cooker is ideal to prepare rice delicacies and oil-free snacks for large families, get-togethers and parties. 

- The thermostat cut-off technology employed by Panasonic, cooks the food uniformly and at a consistent temperature, thereby allowing users to have scrumptious dishes always.

- This Panasonic rice cooker features a 4-hour keep warm feature that keeps the rice and other cooked snacks warm and tasty for up to 4 hours. 

- This Electric rice cooker is equipped with programmable and user-friendly settings, allowing users to prepare different kinds of soups, grains, white and brown rice, pongal, idly and oatmeal. 

- Stylish in looks, it eliminates the need of extra space on kitchen platform and features an unbreakable handle for ensuring better grip. 

- Users can control the cooking temperature of the rice cooker that delivers efficient and superior cooking experiences.

- Crafted from durable and highest quality ABS plastic, this electric cooker features an anodized aluminium cooking pan and rust-proof body that ensures longer life and prevents corrosion. 

- Along with the main unit, the sales pack includes a warranty card and a user manual.

- It carries two years manufacture warranty. 


- Sometimes, the rice develops crust from underneath and requires longer time to cook brown rice. 


Cooking rice and fat-free snacks is now easy with Panasonic SRW A 18H 4 rice cooker. It requires no supervision and cooks the food uniformly. This innovative rice cooker is fashioned in supreme white outer body. It features hassle-free mechanism, and an anodized aluminium pan. With 4.4 litres of capacity, it can, at any given point of time, prepare rice for 10-12 people easily. It is indeed an excellent buy for making soft, fluffy rice - at all times. 

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Product Details

The Panasonic SRW A 18H 4.4 L Electric Rice Cooker allows users to prepare less fat, oil-free and healthy foods easily. Meticulously designed, it has classy looks and is designed from superior quality plastic which ensures lasting life and is easy to clean and maintain. The anodized aluminium cooking pan not only keeps the food warm but also hygienic.  With 4.4liters of capacity, it can prepare rice dishes and other snacks for a medium and large sized family. Energy-efficient, it requires 230volts of power to operate. It also features an unbreakable handle; 4-hours keep warm feature, and a scoop holder. 

Items in the box
Main Unit Box
Cooker Type
Rice Cooker
4.4 L
Cooking Pan Material
Anodized Aluminium
Steaming Function Available
Cooking Function Available
Add on Features
Automatic keep-warm function
Warranty Period
2 Year warranty
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