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Panasonic SR WA 18H 1.8 L Rice Cooker

Cooker Type:
Rice Cooker
1.8 Litres
Cooking Pan Material:
Anodized Aluminium
Warranty Period:
5 Year Warranty
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Panasonic SR WA 18H 1.8 L Rice Cooker
A Simple Rice Cooker; The Panasonic Rice Cooker


-With multi functional features, the rice steamer can be used in a variety of ways; especially where steaming of food is to be done.  Either for the purpose of fresh preparations, or for reheating cooked food, this helpful home appliance provides full value for its money.

-Displacing 1.8 litres, its inner cooking cavity is capable of holding large amounts of food materials that have to be steamed. Surely, it is an indispensable part of any eastern kitchen.

-With plastic coated exterior and anodized aluminium interiors to its credit, the steamer can cleaned and maintained easily after each cooking session.

-There is no unnecessary wastage of energy in this type of cooking, thus making for an efficient and environmental friendly medium of preparing the favourite recipes of all users.

-The process of steaming locks in nutritional components in the food in better ways than in any other mode of cooking; thereby making this Panasonic rice cooker a must have in every home.

-Here, a thermostat is provided which helps automatic cut off of heating on attaining the optimum cooking temperature levels.

-The keep warm feature that keeps food warm for up to 5 hours brings about greater functionality to the steamer.

-With the provision of multiple tiers, more than one type of food material may be steamed at a single time; thereby making for savings in energy usage.

-Capable of working on the standard 230 V, 50 Hz domestic supply, the high performing rice cooker can be put to use anywhere. 


-The insides of the rice steamer could have been Teflon coated to bring greater ease of maintenance and cleaning after each cooking.


With numerous features that are packed into a small package, this electric rice cooker is a blessing in disguise for all kitchens.  The cooking habits of eastern cultures, especially those preferring steaming to other alternative modes of cooking; would make this steamer indispensable to all kitchens in the region. 

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Product Details

The Panasonic SR WA 18H 1.8 L Rice Cooker features two cooking decks that are stacked one atop the other.  Featuring supervision free and automatic cooking modes, this high performing electric rice cooker is simple and easy to use.  Its cooking cavity displaces a volume of 1.8 liters and permits the cooking of an average household’s requirement at just one go.  Capable of keeping food warm for up to five hours, this electric cooker is simple and utilitarian in purpose.  Its plastic coated body, along with well-anodized aluminum interiors, helps keep the cooker clean after each cooking.  A two year manufacturer warranty applies to the cooker and the accessories that accompany the unit. 

Items in the box
1 Main Unit,Cooker,Scoop,Measuring Cup,Cooking Plate,Warranty Card,Recipe Book
Cooker Type
Rice Cooker
1.8 Litres
Cooking Pan Material
Anodized Aluminium
Automatic shut-off
Cooking Function Available
Add on Features
Automatic keep-warm function
Measuring Cup Available
Extra Features
Scoop, Cooking Plate
Warranty Period
5 Year Warranty
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